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Are you ready for a trifecta of pain?!

On The Flash Season 1 Episode 22 that's exactly what Eobard Thawne discovers at the hands of The Flash, the Arrow and Firestorm. To say he never saw it coming is an understatement. What prison can hold the man formerly called Harrison Wells?

It seems we'll have to find out.

Iris discovers what that man told Eddie while Eddie was being held captive and how it affects her future. She's not happy about it, of that you can be certain. 

Can Captain Cold be trusted? Can you EVER trust a man who talks about himself in the third person? I'd have to go with a great big NO. See it all for yourself when you watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic!

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Barry: We are way different.
Joe: How?
Barry: We only break the rules to save people.

Joe: Cisco, what'd you bring that orange soda for?
Cisco: Whenever something happens with the Reverse Flash, liquid floats in the air. You know, Barry's fish tank , Wells' champagne, Lance's coffee, remember that? If this does the same thing, we'll know that Wells is in there.