Proof Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Memento Vivere

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Things hit a little close to home for two of our main characters on Proof Season 1 Episode 5.

While the case of the week involved the intriguing awakening of a coma patient after a year's slumber and the death of three of those in her ward, Len discovered a young man in the hospital who had received Will's lungs and Ivan's health appeared to be going downhill quickly.

Who had the most challenging time of it? Let's find out.

No Memory - Proof

The case involving the patient was a little bit of a letdown. While there was the really intriguing story of Jane Doe waking up while her three – what do we call them, roommates? – died at the exact same moment, leaving her with memories that may or may not have been hers, that one seemed to fumble.

It started out strong, with Janel and Zed hot on the trail of the family members, bringing them in to try to determine if what she remembered were memories from the deceased or tidbits overheard from the visits they shared with their loved ones within her proximity. Even when one story didn't fit the mold of a visiting relative, it was quickly written off, as well.

Instead, Jane's story turned into a typical, but no less horrifying, glimpse into what happens when a doctor gets too tired to take their time during surgery and the patient flatlines, floating above their body seeing just enough to describe the scene and get the doctor suspended before lapsing again into coma. All in all, it was rather depressing, even if the determined Janel found Jane's brother for her.

Elsewhere Sophie snooped on her dad's computer and discovered young Charlie, who received Will's lungs, was in the hospital with appendicitis. I'm not sure how easily Len would have had access to donor records even given his position, but the possibility would always be there for a family of doctors. They'd wonder about any patient who'd had a transplant. 

The situation was handled so well, especially how both Cat and Len handled it with Sophie. They are really together as parents, which is a nice switch from the animosity portrayed of so many split couples. Cat taking the time to say goodbye to Charlie and touching his shoulder was particularly poignant. Didn't it seem he might have had a bit of recognition in his eyes? Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part. I'm a softie!

Finally, Ivan's health is starting to deteriorate to the point he's forgetting words, and it's obvious to Charles. When he was in the CT scan (MRI?), his brain seemed to light up like a Christmas tree in front of Charles, causing an audible response. Hopefully we'll get his professional opinion on the matter on Proof Season 1 Episode 6 instead of just another comment skirting the issue of what might be coming from Ivan. 

His character is so amazingly positive in the face of such terrible odds. He's dying (and he knows it), yet he's out repurposing old tractor trailers for housing for the homeless in his spare time and coming up with theories about why the coma patients died, to give Jane enough "dynamic energy" to get the doctor who did her wrong out of the operating room. He's amazing.

Next week looks as amazing as Ivan's character. They'll have a recording of someone's actual experience from when they die that they'll have to take from Ivan's dead body to get it away from him? Sounds super intriguing!

What did you think of "Memento Vivere"? Did you find it a little slower than recent outings or right on par? If you need to catch up, you can watch Proof online right here via TV Fanatic.

Memento Vivere Review

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