Scream Round Table: Who's Getting Cut Next?

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That was a killer twist, right?

Scream Season 1 Episode 2 continued the drama and even steered a little closer to the movies than the premiere. It found Emma continuing to struggle to trust Will, while Audrey's girlfriend got the chop.

Below, TV Fanatics Whitney, Stacy, Caralynn and Amanda discuss THAT kiss, Kieran's manipulation and who the next victim may be. Won't you join in the debate?

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How do you feel about the way Audrey handled her girlfriend's death?

Whitney: I don't know that there's a right or wrong way to handle something like that. I understand why she would initially push Emma away, but I hope she's able to forgive her. I would like to see these two become best friends again.

Stacy: I thought she handled it as well as she could have considering how she found out and the supposed circumstances. Losing someone you care about is hard for anyone to deal with, especially when you think the person committed suicide. I will say I was a little disappointed with the hanging. This is Scream, I expect stabbing.

Caralynn: The hanging wasn't too much of a surprise, because Ghostface did occasionally branch out to other murder methods in the films. From the little bit we know of Audrey's character so far, her reaction seemed totally in line with her personality. She was rocked by it, but hesitant to let anyone see she was in pain. She deflected by making a wry joke (the "gay rights joke" Noah picked up on). I also thought it was really sweet and sad to see her put together the memorial video for Rachel. All in all, she handled it well but we could clearly see how upset she was by it.

Amanda: While her reaction felt a little cold and disconnected from my perspective, it felt appropriate for the character we've gotten to know so far. Audrey is a very guarded person. I doubt she would ever want anyone to see her cry.

Noah and Riley kissed. React.

Whitney: Their scenes together were cute but their relationship is really bizarre. All they do is talk about creepy things! Plus, I'm not so sure that I trust Riley. She's such a quiet, peripheral character that she's either the killer or the next to go.

Stacy: I think they're cute. I loved the ninja/racist comments. But like Noah said in the first episode, they're trying to make us care about these characters so that it hurts when they're ripped away from us. If Noah wants to stay alive, he should consider staying a virgin for the time being.

Caralynn: I agree with Whitney! I think Riley is suspiciously innocent. She's either going to be a red herring for the killer and then get axed or she'll make it through and wind up being the killer. I just hope Noah makes it out of this alive, I do really like him.

Amanda: I think they're an odd couple because all they talk about is disturbing topics. However, I'm always up for having opposites attract. I agree that Riley could go in either direction. She would be very unsuspecting as the killer, but she's also the perfect candidate to be the next victim.

Discuss Keiran planting the seed of doubt in Emma's mind about Will helping her.

Whitney: Kieran was dead right about Will and the way he was manipulating Emma. I have a feeling that Emma will continue to waffle between the two for awhile, but it does seem like Kieran has her best interest at heart.

Stacy: He hit the nail on the head on that one, which is a little suspicious. It made me think maybe we're supposed to wonder if he was there, stalking Emma before she ran into Will. Guessing that he asked her something that would pull on her heart strings was a little too accurate to be a shot in the dark.

Caralynn: I'm really not crazy about either Will or Kieran (in general, and for Emma), but I like Kieran more than Will for sure. Will just seems like a selfish jerk, and Kieran's warnings about him were totally on point. The way Will talks about Emma and their relationship to Jake really makes it seem like he's invested in their relationship for some kind of ulterior motive. I hope Emma wises up and cuts Will out.

Amanda: Will definitely has an ulterior motive for wanting to be with Emma. On the surface, he seems like a typical self-centered jerk, but he seems a little too invested with getting back in Emma's good graces. He knows exactly how to manipulate her. However, Kieran may have his own nefarious reasons for wanting to keep Emma away from Will. I don't trust anyone on this show right now.

What's your best theory at this stage?

Whitney: I keep trying to remember the first time I saw Scream and if I had any idea who the killers would end up being. I think the movie really stumped me and so far the show is doing the same. I've seen enough scary movies to know that if you pay close enough attention, there are hints all over the place, but so far I'm really not seeing them. Basically, I don't have a concrete theory yet.

Stacy: Hard to say. There are a lot of potential suspects. I'm guessing they'll follow the movie and go with two killers, but I am not ready to make a guess on who they are yet.

Caralynn: The issue for me is that I'm seeing ALL of the hints-- but they're dropping hints for nearly everyone, so it's all really conflicting. Like I mentioned before, I'm going to take a stab (ha) in the dark and guess that Riley is the killer. On the surface, she's really the least likely suspect because she seems so innocent, but her interest in horror/murder and her random relationship with Noah seem so random and out of place that they've got to be a hint of some kind. Also it was super creepy the way she snuck up on Noah on the football field.

Amanda: I agree with Stacy that they might follow movie and reveal two killers. I also picked up on the same hint as Caralynn with the line about Emma's mom being a whore. That immediately made me think they would go with the storyline from Scream 3 and follow the half-brother killer plot. If they aren't going follow the movie plots, than I have no idea who the killer(s) might be.

Any guesses who will die next?

Whitney: I'm not sure Riley was meant to last the season, but I think the hot teacher may be next on the chopping block.

Stacy: I think it's a guy's turn to bite the dust, but I don't know which one.

Caralynn: I agree with Stacy, I think it will be a guy. I'm going to guess it'll be Jake. He's the least developed and least integrated into the main cast so far. Also he kind of just sucks.

Amanda: My guess is the teacher or Riley.

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