Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Should the Mothers Get a Spin-Off?

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How will it all end?

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 9 marked a turning point for the series. We finally got to see the moms together with a bottle of vino and it made for AWESOME TV. Pretty Senior Liars for mid-season, ABC Family?

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly and Winston Rice are joined by super fans Meaghan and Aly. Read on as they discuss Ali coming face to face with Charles/A and the parents joining forces....

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Alison comes face to face with Charles. What's next?

Meaghan: Ignoring the previews, I would have to say that now that the infamous "Charles" has revealed himself to Ali, he is now going to explain why he is doing what he is doing. We are gonna be treated to a nice history lesson, which I for one am excited to finally get.

Aly: Alison seemed surprised as if she knew who the person's identity. I'm guessing the girls will follow her and likely find out who it is, as well. Charles still might try to make a run for it, though! We saw previews of the girls begging him not to jump off a roof, but we have also seen A survive stunts like that before. I would imagine he will provide some explanations first.

Winston: We are most definitely in for a history lesson. ChArles will end up revealing most (but probably not all) the loose threads we’ve been waiting for. I just hope they show us, via flashbacks, what happened rather than have him (or her!) recite everything to us. This is TV after all, not a high school history class.

Paul: I'm betting Charles gives her some sort of truth, if that's even possible on this show. I think he'll leave us with a lot of questions to tide us over until Season 6B kicks off, but I also don't think he'll be making it out of the finale alive.

How did you feel about the mothers joining up to get answers?

Meaghan: There are no words to describe just how amazing this was. I am a huge fan of the PLL mamas. I am an even bigger fan of the PLL mamas getting together, and a huge fan of them getting drunk together. They were absolutely hilarious. There was this moment when they decided to check the basement to see what the noise was, and Pam chugged her wine, and I literally died laughing. Maybe we can get a spin off of the moms? #RealHousewivesofRosewood.

Aly: I enjoyed it; I thought it was hilarious like Meaghan said. It was also much needed; it's about time the mothers banded together considering what has happened to all of their daughters. I was glad Veronica finally "spilled." Until now she has known things about A that the other mothers didn't. As entertaining as their wine and trespass party was, they might find more success sober.

Winston: PRICELESS. You could see their daughters in each of them. I’ve always wondered why the moms weren’t better friends. With how much their daughters have put them through, you would think regular wine nights would be a must.

Paul: I loved it. The mothers were my favorite part of the episode. They should like get together every week now.

Clarke isn't so shady after all. React.

Meaghan: I'm still kind of confused. So he is an undercover cop tasked with hunting down A? Did he buddy up to Aria hoping that if he stuck with one of the girls long enough he'd be able to find A? Or is there a specific reason he chose Aria? Why not choose Ali, seeing as she is the one with the biggest connection to Charles? And how does Rhys tie into all of this? With only one episode left I feel like this was just thrown in last minute, and it won't be fully explained ever.

Aly: I never thought he was shady, although it's odd when we already got a new police officer this season (Lorenzo). This makes me wonder if there's more to the story, and just like Meaghan mentioned, I would like to know why his focus was on getting photos of Aria. Many of the police officers we have had on this show weren't trustworthy. The photos of Aria keep reminding me of those photos that Jason had of her that ended up in A's lair. Does being a cop equal not being shady?

Winston: Meh. This isn’t that surprising of a revelation. It’s about time the Rosewood PD tried something a little different to catch A. They’ve made a slew of mistakes along the way, hiring Toby being one of them, so having an undercover cop is a step in the right direction. I, too, would like to know why he zeroed in on Aria though. Maybe there was an honest attraction there, and he just thought he could get the girl and A at the same time.

Paul: Honestly, I pegged him as one of A's minions purely because everyone seems to have something to do with A. He may still be shady and could be tricking us with his whole undercover storyline.

Who is Charles, and why?

Meaghan: To me, there only seem to be two possibilities at this point: Wren and Jason. I am more inclined to think Jason having multiple personalities, one of which is his late brother Charles. If it is Wren, I will be disappointed. He hasn't been on the show in too long to be a significant reveal. At this point, though, I am more interested in who Red Coat is. I think that is going to be the more shocking reveal. Unless she ends up being Cece, because then I will just be left rolling my eyes. I am still holding out hope that it will be revealed to be Spencer's twin, one of the first PLL theories I ever wrote.

Aly: Ever since this storyline came about I have been hoping that it's Jason. I suspect he might have dissociative personality disorder; many people who have that see people who aren't there or even alive, sometimes see THEMSELVES as that person, and other times they see the person acting alone. I think because of all the lies and brainwashing and then the drinking and drug use, Jason has repressed memories causing him to develop the persona of Charles.

Winston: Even if it’s not the most popular of theories, I still think it’s going to be Wren. He’s the most logical explanation. But if it’s not him, I hope it’s at least someone we have known from the beginning. We have spent seasons wondering who A is, so it better not be some rando we have absolutely no personal connection to. And honestly, I’m much more interested in the why rather than the who. Like why has Charles targeted Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily? What have they done to Charles? Shouldn’t he only be seeking revenge on Alison? And why is he so mad at her anyway? It wasn’t her decision to send him away.

Paul: I honestly think it's Wren. I don't think it would be plausible if it was anyone else. He's been to Radley and easily could have worked there, as well. He has ties to Spencer's family, so what's a tie to the DiLaurentis clan?

What are your hopes and dreams for the final episode of the summer?

Meaghan: The only hopes that I have for this finale are that the reveals all make sense yet are still shocking. We have waited too long for this reveal to have it be disappointing. I also would love to see a clip of the flash forward and maybe find out what brings them all back to Rosewood.

Aly: I hope that we actually get the answers the writers have claimed with no tricks and cop outs. I don't want another random name thrown at me; nothing like that. This is the summer of answers, and I'm still waiting for almost all of them.

Winston: I am most excited for the flash forward, so I really hope we get to see some of that before the hour is over. Besides that, I desperately want Red Coat to be revealed (Melissa or Jenna, anyone?). And I would love to know how Black Widow ties into all of this.

Paul: I hope that the reveals come throughout the episode and not in the final five minutes. I hope they make sense and help us wave goodbye to the A chapter of the liars' lives.

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