Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Dog

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Will the entire main cast of Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 make it past the finale?

Based on some of the character decisions on Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3, I’m ready to start placing some odds.

Though I really thought the dog would manage to not wind up a midnight snack, so maybe I shouldn’t be betting just yet.

This was a much improved hour that moved things along, allowing both groups to deal with their particular dilemmas before being reunited and preparing for their next step. And there was that military curveball thrown in at the last second.

If anything, we really got a good look at the characters adapting to the crumbling world around them and the varying opinions on how to handle things.

Daniel Salazar definitely made his mark with a swift headshot to Travis and Madison’s neighbor, a welcome breath of fresh air when everyone seems to enjoy getting up close and personal with the undead, practically begging them to take a chunk out of them.

I get that zombies are this completely new concept to everyone, so it’s supposed to take a bit for them to sort of get into warrior mode, but sometimes, I just can’t help but yell at the TV, “Stop being stupid!” 

Like, who left the door to the house open? C’mon, guys!

There’s going to be some butting heads between Travis and Daniel for sure, as evidenced by Daniel teaching Chris about the gun. The interactions between Travis and his two families should make for some interesting drama, as well.

Nick getting weaned off his drugs is going to escalate into some problems quickly, but it was great seeing him take charge and search for the shotgun, knowing it would help them. I’m glad he’s very aware of what’s happening to people. He knows it’s the undead.

Plus, he, Alicia and Madison didn’t sit around and play Monopoly all episode (thank goodness) as their scramble in the dark trying to avoid their zombie neighbors provided some nail-biting moments. There was a certain scariness to their situation, that again didn’t rely solely on graphic gore, though their neighbor getting it to the face was gross.

It’s interesting that Madison is becoming much more hardened by everything going on instead of Travis. I guess I assumed since Travis was the one to believe Nick in Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1, he would be on the fast track to getting down with the zombie apocalypse. Instead it seems as if Madison is priming herself for that path.

There was a certain intensity to her telling Liza to end her if the time comes or staring down zombie Susan.

And sorry for Mama Salazar, but that whole leg injury is just screaming “I’m Gonna Turn Into A Zombie Soon.”

I was as surprised that the Salazars weren’t leaving with Travis and his families, as I was that they were getting on the road right away. But it seems the series isn’t quite ready to ditch L.A., and I’m actually intrigued by the military showing up.

It could be an interesting shift for the series (let's hope), especially because it adds a certain stability amongst all the chaos. Plus, it’s something The Walking Dead hasn’t really dealt with, making it new material. So I guess it makes sense that Travis would seem hopeful, even when we know, just like Daniel, that everything is not going to end well.

I also have to add that I love how the score really enhanced the episode from escaping the chaos of downtown L.A., to driving past the hospital, to running around in the dark house, to even seeing the military take over the suburbs. It’s such a standout part of the series that allows you to get much more sucked in to what’s happening.

I was far more invested in this installment and seeing the characters show off their personalties a bit. Though dumb decisions can be frustrating at times, this was a positive turn for the series. I'm just hoping this military addition proves to be worth our while and not a complete misstep in the end.

So, anyone want to make bets on who’s going to get it next?

What did you think of this episode? Are you enjoying the series so far? Be sure to watch Fear the Walking Dead online and catch up now!

The Dog Review

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