Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Party of Four

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Come on Virginia, don't let Bill manipulate you again!

Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 11 managed to be both infuriating and compelling at the same time. So where were Bill, Virginia, and company left by the end of this installment?

Well, let's just say not very happy. 

Dinner For Four - Masters of Sex

I need to get something out of the way first. Judy Greer's appearance as Dan's wife made me wonder, for the millionth time, why she's not a household name by now. She's always a scene stealer, and playing Alice was no exception. I was wondering if we were going to meet the woman Dan didn't seem to mind leaving behind at home.

Everything about the dinner scene was perfect, from Alice's insistence at drinking her white wine, to subtly letting Virginia know she knew the true nature of her involvement with her husband. Greer managed to portray Alice in a way that made you feel sorry for her, yet probably wouldn't want to go home to her because she's probably a giant ball of emotional insecurity.

Dan has had a lot of affairs over the years, but he never said he was in love with any of them. His admission to Alice clearly shook her because she felt the need to put Virginia in her place.

Did you think you were different? They all do. Enjoy it, Virginia. He's a lovely man. A true gentleman. He'll always open the door for you. He'll never forget your birthday, whisk you away on business trips, take you in his arms and dance with you even though there's no music playing, and when he shows up at your doorstep and tells you that he wants you to spend the rest of your life with him, in that moment, you will think he means it.


The moment Dan showed up at Virginia's door made me incredibly nervous and sad because I don't see this relationship ending well for either of them. Not only did Alice get inside Virginia's head, but she also let Bill manipulate her...again.

I was so proud of Virginia for calling Bill out for hijacking their meeting with the publishers and for ambushing her with the dinner with the Logans. However, as much as she's aware that Bill is always manipulating her, she can't help but allow it to happen. 

It's very depressing that she lets Bill control her life because she's scared of him shutting her out of their research. She told Bill she could find real happiness with Dan, but she let him tell her what her life should be. 

Everything Bill says and does is to benefit himself and what he wants. Bill has to be the center of Virginia's world, or he falls apart. Instead of letting Virginia make her own decisions, Bill's decided he knows what's best for her. 

Bill's a smart enough guy to know he should be honest with her like Dan told him he should. For whatever reason, Bill can't seem to let himself just tell Virginia he wants to be with her. Instead, all he does is try to mentally and emotionally control her.

I want to jump into the TV and shake Virginia's shoulders and tell her to get away from Bill as fast as she can. However, we know the real Masters and Johnson eventually married, so she's not going to leave him any time soon on the show. 

Another woman I wanted to slap some sense into was Libby. I was so hopeful for her future. She was laughing with Paul and coming up with the best way to divorce Bill. I should have known it was all too good to be true. 

The detective showing up to question Johnny about the nature of Bill and Dennis' relationship makes sense, but I also can't help but think this is just a stupid way for the writers to keep Libby trapped her horrible marriage.

Libby's justification for needing to stay made me want to scream. I may not be a parent yet, but I do know that children learn by example, and she's doing more harm to them by keeping their family together. Her children are growing up in a home where their parents don't love each other, and their father has no desire to be close to them. 

I am protecting them from the false impression that their father is a monster because if I leave now, that is what I am saying, not just to the world, but to my children, and there's no taking it back. No matter what happens, no matter if the charges are dropped, he will forever be the man their mother didn't want under the same roof.


I don't know what fantasy world Libby is living in, but I highly doubt Bill and Johnny's relationship will change. If anything, Johnny may end up just like Bill if he's forced to grow up around someone so emotionally detached from the people he's supposed to care about. 

It breaks my heart to see Libby do this because Paul would make a better father and role model for her children. A parent doesn't always need to be the person to whom you're related by blood. Libby's children deserve better than Bill, and she's robbing them of that chance if she officially decides to stay.

I'm not sure what's going to come of the accusations against Bill. Again, this all feels like a forced way for Libby to stay by Bill's side. 

So over to you! What did you think of "Party of Four"? Will Virginia send Dan back to his wife? Will Bill be stunned by the allegations against him? Can Paul convince Libby to walk away from Bill? What are your predictions for Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 12?

Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up on any missed episodes when you watch Masters of Sex online via TV Fanatic!

Party of Four Review

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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You were just looking out for yourself. You're always just looking out for yourself.


Coat check girl: May I take your coats?
Bill: Yes, thank you.
Virginia: I'll keep mine, thank you very much.
Bill: You sure? I think you'll be more comfortable..
Virginia: Is this another thing you would like to overrule me on?
Bill: The lady will be keeping her coat.
Virginia: In case I throw a drink in his face and need to make a speedy exit, which is entirely possible.