Scream Queens Round Table: Halloween Part Two

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Raise your hand if you think Hester spells serious trouble for Chanel. 

On Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 5, Chanel was beginning to have to deal with the monster that she'd created in her made over minion, Chanel #6 (the pledge formerly known as Hester). Elsewhere, Zayday miraculously (?) escaped from the Red Devil, who's harboring all kinds of romantic feelings for her. Plus, we got yet another Gigi twist!

What's the deal with Zayday's escape? Who are you rooting for in the Chanel vs. Hester inevitable showdown? Is Gigi evil? Let's talk about it! Remember to chime in with your thoughts by commenting below the post.

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What was your take on that reveal with Gigi and the Red Devil in the closing scene? Do you think that was hard evidence that she's guilty? What is the connection between this reveal and last week's Gigi-is-the-Hag reveal?

Carissa: Gigi is the hag, the Red Devil is the grown baby and the "he" who needs to go is Boone. Ta da! Because even if that's really who it is, the fun is still all there with the other characters.

Paul: I'm ever so certain now that Hester is the one in cahoots with the hag. I don't think Gigi is as bad as we're being led to believe right now. There's always a more significant evil.

Hank: I'm not sure about the Hag reveal, but I think Gigi's up to no good. That closing scene seemed to indicate she's involved with the killer. Her "stuck in the '90s" shtick always made me feel she was at the original KKT party where the girl died. I just can't make all the pieces fit. I'd make a terrible detective.

Caralynn: I agree with Paul. I'm convinced that the language used in that scene was purposeful. Gigi never said anything about murdering or killing, so I feel fairly certain that she's not actually one of the killers. Why she's conversing with a Red Devil-wearing guy, I have no idea.

Comment on Hester's plan to takedown Chanel and the subsequent fallout. Who are you rooting for in this power struggle?

Carissa: I still cannot stand Hester. And even worse, when they were all walking down the stairs together, Lea Michele was doing some weird breathing thing, opening and closing her mouth making Hester even more annoying. I just want her dead. Chanel is an entertaining bitch. Hester is just annoying.

Paul: I agree with Carissa here. Emma Roberts is bringing her A game in her portrayal of Chanel and it's made her one of the best characters on the show. Chanel all the way!

Hank: I'm with everyone else, can't stand Hester. She was creepy/odd in the neck brace, but she's out of control now. I'm all about Chanel too. This is the Emma Roberts show and deservedly so. If Hester wins the power struggle, I'm out.

Caralynn: I'm not hating on Hester as much as you guys (she mostly makes me laugh), but I'm still rooting for Chanel in the Hester vs. Chanel face-off. I am loving all of Emma Roberts' facial reaction to Hester's craziness. I don't think Hester will win in the end, but Ryan Murphy is clearly a plays-favorites kind of dude so who knows, really.

Do you believe Zayday's version of events about her captivity and escape?

Carissa: No, I do not. There is still something up with that girl. No ordinary one would strut back into the house with that attitude after being through something that traumatic. Plus, my gut says something ain't right with her. Mine and Denise Hemphill's.

Paul: I don't. Like Carissa said, she was way too okay to have went through that.

Hank: I couldn't stop laughing at Denise Hemphill long enough to pay attention to Zayday. I don't trust her either, but I also don't think she's the killer.

Caralynn: Did Zayday's outfit also change? I made a note to go back and re-watch the episode to see if she was wearing the same outfit the whole time. The very casual way she reappeared and told the story of her captivity was super suspect, but I don't see her being one of the killers.

Any new theories for who the killer is, after the most recent developments?

Carissa: Nope. Nothing other than what I've already addressed above.

Paul: I think Hester's in on it for sure, but I don't think she's the killer. There's too many of these red devil costumes floating around to make a definite guess at this stage.

Hank: I've got nothing. I agree with Paul, with so many Red Devil's running around it's beyond confusing to come up with a theory. I'm still stuck on Pete. He hasn't really done much lately, and I don't trust him either.

Caralynn: At this point, I'm hoping it's Grace. I think she and Denise are basically the ONLY characters who haven't had any suspicion cast on them at all. I'd love to be surprised by the eventual reveal, but at this point no revealed killer would shock me (except for Grace).

Who was the MVP this week?

Carissa: This week's MVP was actual fear and anxiety. Because of Chanel's insistence upon an honest to God Shining maze and the weird meat locker experience, there was a real feeling throughout the hour that something bad was going to go down. It felt as if the stakes had been raised, and that's the first time I felt anxious and uncomfortable while watching, so it's fear and anxiety winning the MVP award for the week.

Paul: Chanel. As always.

Hank: I was going to say the Shining maze as well Carissa, but as far as characters... Chanel, hands down.

Caralynn​: Denise Hemphill for me. She accidentally tased Gigi in the boob! I'm obsessed with Denise, she is just too awesome and hilarious for words.

Rate this week's death scene (Dodger of Roger-Dodger), compared with ones that have come before it.

Carissa: Dammit. See above. While I really couldn't care less about Roger or Dodger, the idea of being caught in a friggin' maze with a killer worked. Why? Because the guy could walk slowly or run quickly and you would still be stuck in there, unsure of your whereabouts, therefore FREAKED THE HELL OUT. Fear factor? 9/10.

Paul: Again, I agree with Carissa. It was scary and funny if that makes sense. 8/10.

Hank: I didn't even realize their names were Roger-Dodger, that's how little they mattered to me. I was actually surprised the guy who lost his arms survived and was at that meeting. That was absolutely ridiculous haha. I think the deaths in the Pilot had this episode beat, so I'll go with 5/10.

Caralynn: I think, unfortunately, the deaths have been all downhill since the first two episodes of the season. That said, this one was definitely better than the one in Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 4! And that maze was fantastic. The horror homages are really on point in this show. Except they're not even homages at this point, they are just literalizations. 5/10.

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