Scream Queens Round Table: Truth or Dare?

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Slumber party classics like Seven Minutes in Heaven and Truth or Dare took a dark turn this week on Scream Queens...

Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 6 centered on a KKT sleepover, as Chanel plotted, Zayday and Grace attempted to get to the bottom of the whole serial killer thing and the Red Devil(s) committed more murders than you can shake a stick at.

TV Fanatics Hank Otero, Carissa Pavlica, Paul Dailly, and Caralynn Lippo are on hand to go all in on the most recent madness going down at Kappa house...

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Several of the characters were absent (or mostly absent) this episode – Gigi, Denise Hemphill, Pete, the Dean, Wes. Whose presence did you miss most and why?

Carissa: Denise Hemphill because DENISE HEMPHILL. I mean, that was just ridiculous. A day without Denise Hemphill is a day without sunshine.

Hank: Denise Hemphill is a trip, but I love Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch so I always miss when she's not around. I mean, she did appear briefly towards the end, but it just wasn't enough Munsch for my taste.

Paul: Denise Hemphill. She is batshit crazy and I love it. She was the only one I noticed to be missing and something felt a little off because of it.

Caralynn: Denise Hemphill! Niecy Nash is a wonder in this role, all of her dialogue is priceless. Not only that, it seemed illogical that she was gone. Why wouldn't she be there patrolling the house if all the girls were going to be there? I noticed that Gigi was absent, too, and missed her but not as much as I missed Denise. I honestly didn't even realize that Pete was not there even though he's the only person whose absence was explicitly mentioned. Guess that says a lot, huh?

Did you believe Chanel actually developed a begrudging respect for Zayday, or is that all just part of her long con?

Carissa: I believe what she said: she needs the numbers if she wants to live. It's always about Chanel in the end, and she didn't hide that fact.

Hank: It did seem she grew to like Zayday more after their little adventure. However, I have to agree with Carissa, it's all about Chanel so she'd turn on Zayday in an instant if it suited her. Emma Roberts gets all the best lines, so it was nice to see Keke Palmer shine this week.

Paul: She has grown to like Zayday. She had ample opportunity to let her die this week, but she saved her. She could turn on her in an instant if she so pleases.

Caralynn: I agree with Paul. Chanel could have easily let Zayday die this week, but saved her instead. That paired with the nunchucks gifting makes me think that Chanel is softening just a bit as a person. Is the show gearing up to have Chanel mature and die a hero's death? Hmmm...

Which of the three deaths was the best? Sam, Roger or Caulfield? And why?

Carissa: Definitely Caulfield. Come on! It was iffy at best that the poor bastard was going to be able to balance his way up the ladder to begin with, but if someone pulled it? It's over! And then as he was hacked, and Chad narrated it along the way. Oh my.

Hank: Sam's death was the most depressing. I honestly thought she was going to stick around longer, so I'm bummed. Caulfield's demise was the best thanks to Chad Radwell just doing his thing. The line, "Caulfield, you climb. You climb you armless bastard!" was hilariously wrong on so many levels. Then the poor dude's face as the ladder falls to the ground. Yeah, that was definitely the death to beat this episode.

Paul: I'm gonna go with Roger. It was quick and straight up weird. Poor Chanel #5 thought she was getting a good time, but she just sat there in shock at all of the nails being shot in his face. It was a bit cray cray that she was spared though.

Caralynn: Caulfield all the way! The way he was hustling up that ladder, armless, as Chad and the others screamed down at him was just too funny. Plus the actor playing Caulfield is far and away the funniest of the three victims (in fact I think the other two aren't even actors, if I'm remembering correctly), so that definitely helped a lot in making the scene great.

Best Chad Radwell moment?

Carissa: Every moment with Chad is great, but I particularly loved how he was so adamant that Truth or Dare had specific rules that would not be broken. I guess I shouldn't tell him how I used to go about confession in Catholic Church, then.

Hank: I was thinking the same thing Carissa, it's really tough to pick just one moment. I lost it when Chanel tells Chad she loves him over the phone, and that face he gave us was priceless. "I love you too, sorta," he replied. I'm cracking up just thinking about that entire exchange hahaha.

Paul: I was never a fan of Chad's, but I loved him this week. When Caulfield is being murdered and he throws Chanel's super phone at the red devil. WTF?

Caralynn: I've loved Chad since the beginning, Glen Powell is fantastic! I was a big fan of the scene where Chad begrudgingly agreed to be monogamous with Chanel. The way he highlighted her gullibility and the fact that she's super rich as the two best aspects of her personality was so Chad.

The Chanel #3 and #5 team-up at the very end – react. Where's the show gonna go with that?

Carissa: I think they'll be in big trouble. Even together the two do not have what it takes to battle the original Chanel. She will always come out on top. I suspect they die, perhaps together, clinging to the idea they can best their namesake.

Hank: I can't imagine a single scenario where #3 or #5 outlive Chanel. I mean, this is pretty much the Emma Roberts show. As a matter of fact, if Chanel (or Chad) don't make it to Season 2 count me out. I doubt I'd tune in for another go without those two.

Paul: It's interesting, but neither of them will make it past another few episodes. I like both of them, but I want Chanel to outlive them all.

Caralynn: I've come to realize that I really, really dislike Chanel #5 and Abigail Breslin's portrayal of her (maybe it's Chanel's irrational, semi-psychotic hatred of #5 rubbing off on me?) so I could care less about her fate. I do like #3 though! I hope #3 and her deadpan voice make it out of the season alive.

Rate this episode. Is the show holding your interest at this point?

Carissa: Absolutely. It's my favorite new show of the fall season. I know you mentioned no plot, but to me, character development is far more interesting than plot. I'd sacrifice plot for character development every time, and I feel like it's always moving.

Hank: Honestly, I think the Pilot was ridiculously strong, but none of the other episodes have measured up. Yes, I love the character development and most of the one-liners are brilliant, but Scream Queens isn't "must watch TV" for me. I'm not as engaged with the Red Devil mystery as I expected to be. Right now, I watch waiting to see what comes out of Chanel (or Chad's) mouth next. I'm going to say 6 out of 10.

Paul: I think I'm one of the few that thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread. It's holding my interest greatly. This episode was a bit of a misstep because Denise wasn't present, but it was still pretty freaking solid. I'm going with an 8 out of 10.

Caralynn: I was pretty vocal about this in my review, but I didn't love "Seven Minutes in Hell." It definitely had its moments and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't one of the best episodes so far. I'd agree with Hank on this one that the show isn't engaging me as much as I thought it would in the very beginning. The pilot was super and everything after that has been lesser-than (not bad, just certainly not as great). I'll say 5 out of 10 for this episode.

Caralynn Lippo is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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