Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4 Review: I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!

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Raise your hand if YOU want to settle for Greg!

Do we all have our hands up? Great!

Now let's all collectively agree that Rebecca is a complete mess and that we don't even think she deserves a guy as wonderfully weird as Greg. 

Rebecca finally bit the bullet and went on a date with Greg on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4, and while it was just as magical and exciting as we had predicted it would be, Rebecca completely (purposely,) sabotaged the night. 

So how did such a mess occur?

After weeks of erratic behavior, Rebecca is finally ready to ask herself an important question.

Are you making healthy choices?

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In the strangest ad campaign in history, and just as we did in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 1, we see Rebecca take life advice from an ad for butter spread and vow to stop making poor decisions about her actions, her food, and her beliefs. 

This all sounds like a welcome change for the woman whose mental breakdown seems to get worse and worse with each passing week. 

Greg sees these changes as an opportunity to finally spring into action and ask her out, despite the fact that he knows she's in love with Josh. If Rebecca is ready to be healthier, then surely she's ready to let go of that unhealthy crush, right?

For weeks, the big question everyone has asked has been, “When is Greg going to sing with Rebecca?!” Many are familiar with Santino Fontana's incredible voice from his work on Broadway and in the big Disney hit, Frozen. 

Why not settle for me? Darling, settle for me. I think that you'll have to agree we make quite a pair.


If the musical numbers are insight into the minds of these characters, as we're led to believe, then my biggest issue here is that Greg is totally selling himself short. Greg is the nice guy, and shouldn't be anyone's second choice. Settling shouldn't be required, especially when Greg seems to be Rebecca's perfect match.

Their date was perfect. They had real conversation, discovered their mutual love for fire catastrophes, and he offered to throw glitter at her dad for abandoning her. Rebecca was behaving completely, get this – normal. No crazy at all.

I half expected the date to turn into a discussion about Josh Chan, a grilling session of his likes and dislikes. I was happy to see it progress in maturity and to get a glimpse into what Rebecca's normal self, not the one experiencing mental distress, looks like. 

Rebecca: So Gregory, we are on a date.
Greg: Yes, we are.
Rebecca: Yes, okay. Let's engage in some date conversation.
Greg: Okay.
Rebecca: Who is your favorite president? Mine is Rutherford B. Hayes, for obvious reasons.
Greg: Have you been on a date before?
Rebecca: I have, I'm just trying to be mature and responsible and --PORK!

Rebecca was all ready to settle. She was having fun with Greg. But in a shocking turn of events, she let fear take over. She went home with a guy and had sex. It just wasn't with Greg. With a quick text message about being sick, she left Greg standing alone and confused.

Rebecca's tryst wasn't magical and afterward she felt like garbage. Even she knew, in that moment, that she did a bad thing, one that she possibly won't be able to take back. After catching her in the act, Greg said everything to her that I was yelling at the television. 

He saw what the night could have been. I was simultaneously swooning and sobbing.

I think that Rebecca's Daddy issues are the root of her problems with men. It's easy for her to cling to something superficial with a man, like this idea of Josh Chan, but when things get too real for Rebecca, she bails before that man can have any power that would truly hurt her.

I loved that her father was a topic of conversation with Greg and that he immediately tried to tell her that she deserved better than the way he treated her. She's never had a conversation quite so deep with Josh. 

I'm getting increasingly more annoyed that Josh Chan continually swoops in and fixes Rebecca's mood, validating her poor choices. After the disaster date with Greg, I wanted to see her remorseful and thoughtful period last longer, but all it took was for Josh to tell her that he's glad she's moved to town and she's right back on the Chan train. 

Speaking of Josh, does anyone else think he's just as screwed up as Rebecca? He can't get a job, he's maxed out his credit cards, and he's going to his summer camp girlfriend to write him a job essay. I might expect that type of behavior from a kid in their late teens, but from an adult? No way. 

I don't want to label her. I just want to be her friend.


Something I am happy to see developing is new neighbor Heather playing a larger role in Rebecca's life. Paula is great as a motherly figure for Rebecca (aside from encouraging her behavior), but Heather is the young friend that Rebecca needs as well, someone to empathize with her struggles. 

Heather feels very reminiscent of Parks and Recreation's reluctant friend, April. Initially, Heather wants to study Rebecca and use her for a project, but by the end of “I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend,” all she wants to do is be a friend to the nut job and give her a kindly pat on the head. 

Will Rebecca be able to make up for the sins committed against Greg? I really hope so, because I still think there's hope for them. However, I think it would take a lot more than a card full or glitter to earn his forgiveness.

High Notes: 
  • Aloha Tech. The entire premise of a Hawaiian technology store had me in a giggle fit.
  • Paula and Rebecca trying to skateboard. Yes.
  • Rebecca's desperate attempt to have a hook up, but you know, not with a murderer.
  • Greg talks about his life with a little kid. I love it.
  • PLEASE tell me that I wasn't the only one who thought the butter ad guy was going to be Rebecca's dad?

Low Notes:

  • A guacamole-making hipster with a man-bun is a bad guy with whom to have sex. Even with two condoms.
  • What was that weird tiger suit Rebecca was wearing? Was it supposed to be funny?
  • Watching Greg walk out of Rebecca's apartment, heartbroken. Ugh.

Missed any of the action? As always you can watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend online right here at TV Fanatic!

Will Greg forgive Rebecca? Will Josh Chan wear a lei at work? Will we see more ads for butter? Does Rebecca even deserve a guy as great as Greg? Tell us in the comments below!

I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend! Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Rebecca: The new me is making healthier choices.
Greg: You sound like that weird butter commercial.

Are you making healthy choices?

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