Haven Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Perditus

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Goody! We got to see Charlotte die twice.

While it was nice that Charlotte had an opportunity to say her goodbyes and share some more information about putting an end to the Troubles, Haven Season 5 Episode 19 didn't do too much to move the plot forward.

And even though Audrey now has information about her father, we don't!

An Alarming Vision - Haven

What we do have is a false lead.

Does anybody else think Croatoan is a shapeshifter? How else has he been coming and going without anybody seeing him every time he kills? 

Let's be honest, Dave Teagues, even drunk as a skunk, did not kill Charlotte. He's a little off, to be sure, but he's not a killer. He doesn't even have it in him have a vision, let alone create dark memories like that.

There was, essentially, a whole bunch of build up as the episode moseyed along, and not a lot of payoff.

Charlotte had death bed (sort of) conversations with both Audrey and Dwight, and told at least one of them about Dave, and Audrey about her dad. We will learn about her dad at a later time.

Witnessing Charlotte die in Dwight's arms AGAIN just after saying, "I love you," was heartbreaking. Dwight's Trouble is to take shots, yes, but of the bullet type, not all of life's crap tossed his way. Dwight never catches a break. The series is going to end, and he'll be alone. That sucks.

Was I the only one thought Duke might be talking to Audrey's dad when the blonde dude stood up and took all the Troubles away from him? I was certain I had William Shatner as her dad all wrong. But now...was blondie a lackey? 

Could just any old guy touch Duke's forehead and take the Troubles like that? That very well may have been Audrey's father. If so, then who will Shatner play? Let me know what you think. 

The Crocker family history is even more frakked up than we knew. Alert the local schools! We finally know what happened to the Roanake, VA, colony. The first Crocker killed them all to end the first round of Troubles when Croatoan wasn't strong enough to come through the void and do it himself.

So now that Audrey's dad may have the strength to do it, he just toys with the residents of Haven over a, what, 70-year span or something? He doesn't just kill them in one swoop, but picks them off one by one.

Like I said, we didn't get too much information. 

And was it really necessary to introduce zombies? With all the cool Troubles we've had along the way, we've never had to drift into territory too pop culture. The Troubles have usually been unique and fun. A resurrection spell that turns people in zombies? Boring.

Well, I'm even more upset about losing Charlotte now that she made a comeback just to die again. It's like a horror movie trope. She waves her hand, saying she's alive, and the killer lops off her head anyway. No fair!

Did this episode do more for you than it did for me? Chat about it if you're feeling it. And don't forget, you can always watch Haven online anytime!

Perditus Review

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Haven Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Gloria: If you're looking for Conan, he took off.
Nathan: Did he say where?
Gloria: No, but if he's pissed as I think he was and he was looking for me? I'd just shoot myself in the head and be done with it.

Nathan: Hey, Herb and the others Ona resurrected seemed fine.
Audrey: It just seems too good to be true.