Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Russian Roulette

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Never make a Russian woman angry.

On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 9, Elizabeth was ready to accuse Russia of the cyber attack, but things just can't go smoothly for our Secretary of State. It was a crazy episode filled with a ton of twists and turns, and I'm still trying to stop my head from spinning.

Let's get right down to it and discuss, "Russian Roulette."

President Ostrov is pretty bad ass. I am thrilled to see them write President Ostrov as a strong female who thinks she's doing the right thing for her country. Is the woman crazy? Of course she is! She's drunk with power and has the highest rank in all of Russia. On a shallow note, her red dress was completely adorable.

I wasn't shocked when President Ostrov threatened to retaliate, and I agree it was to be expected, but the administration seemed nonchalant about the entire thing. We have a woman who's extremely angry and has access to military weapons – shouldn't they have been a little more concerned?

It seems like President Dalton, and his entire staff except for Elizabeth, sees President Ostrov as just an angry woman they need to put in her place. She is a threat, and it's only going to end up biting them on the ass one day. 

I was also pleased they addressed why Elizabeth and Henry couldn't share information. I figured it was because of the information being classified, but I know a lot of us were confused. It didn't make sense for Henry to get so angry about Elizabeth not wanting to divulge what she knew because she knew it could lead to a prison sentence. 

On the other hand, I understood where Henry was coming from. He wasn't seeing prison, he wanted to keep his country from going to war. This is what is so frustrating about what Henry does – he knows information that could help, but isn't able to tell anyone because of technicalities. I'm seriously shocked Henry hasn't gone off the deep end yet.

Of course Henry would ignore what his superiors said and go straight to Russell with the information about Russia not being involved in the cyber attack. I'm still not sure what Henry was trying to accomplish by going to Russell. If they were to apologize to Russia because they made a mistake, it would make President Dalton look bad, and that's not what Russell wants. 

Henry did bring up some great points when he was telling Elizabeth what he knew. It doesn't make any sense why a country that is being accused of a sophisticated hack would retaliate by just shutting down pipelines. To make matter worse, Oliver confirmed the entire attack could have been fake. 

The biggest shock came when it was revealed Ukraine was the one behind the attacks because the President of Ukraine wanted to get the United States on his side in case of a war with Russia. It was so crazy hearing how much work went into the ruse, and he really did dupe President Dalton. I even understood why the President of Ukraine would do such a thing because he wanted to protect his own country. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think. Do you think Henry is going to get in trouble for telling Elizabeth about Russia? How do you think things will end with Russia? 

Don't feel bad if you missed out. You can watch Madam Secretary online via TV Fanatic anytime. 

Russian Roulette Review

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