Scorpion Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Crazy Train

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How does Happy never get pulled over due to her crazy driving?

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 7, the drama level was cranked up to about a ten. Things got really over the top. Between Sylvester's dramatic narration of how long the team has until destruction and Walter and Paige's sorrowful goodbye when Walter disengaged his car from theirs, it was a lot of drama.

Oh, and then there was a Paige slap. As much as the slap was warranted, it just added to the drama.

If you need more proof of the ridiculous level of drama, then look no further than Walter lying on the subway platform with his arm stretched out as the train dramatically slowed down in order to see Paige through the window. Seriously?!

All of these life and death situations are where Scorpion gets into trouble. The show has a tendency to have life and death situations every other episode, if not every one. Insane cases don't have to mean putting someone's life in jeopardy.

These moments should be used sparingly because otherwise the thrill and suspense is gone. You don't find yourself doubting whether or not the character you love will survive because they were in a similar situation three weeks ago and survived. 

Ralph was back, and it was glorious. It is always so great whenever he is involved in a case and not just serving as the bookends of an hour. Plus, we got to see how Ralph making strides. He managed to comfort his partner Tyler when he was scared, and Ralph earned the respect of the people on the train. 

Cabe: How the hell are you going to get on a train going 90 miles an hour?
Walter: I presume with great caution.

What's the deal with Sylvester being stuck in the lab? Yes, he is afraid of most things, but Cabe or someone normally pushes Sylvester to do them anyway.

Sylvester is not entertaining when he's alone in the lab. He gets reduced to being the one providing the dramatic narration or countdown. Personally, I could do without that.

It would have been more amusing watching Sylvester do that while also trying not to panic as Happy speeds around the city. Basically, Sylvester would have been more entertaining if he was actually with someone other than his computer. At least the last time Sylvester got left behind he had Ray, so there was a little bit more going on than Sylvester being responsible for providing status reports. 

Here's the thing about Ray: he's good in small doses. The moment where he walks in on Cabe and Toby burying the guy alive with cereal was perfection. That was the funniest moment Ray's ever been apart of. I couldn't stop laughing.

I feel like a terrible person for saying this, but I didn't care about Ray's sob story. At least Ray told it to show Walter that distancing yourselves from your loved ones is terrible decision. However, it didn't make me care any more about Ray's tale. What did you think of Ray opening up to Walter? Please tell me I am not the only terrible person here.

Sylvester's over the top laughter at Happy's terrible jokes brought such joy into my Monday.

We were replacing what we lost when we lost each other.


If asked me last week what I thought Happy and Chet were doing, I guarantee you my answer would not have been Happy doing stand up.

Toby's explanation of what Happy was doing made sense, but I still need answers. We saw how Toby began boxing, but how did Happy doing stand up come into being? 

What did you think of the episode? Did you love seeing Ralph again? Do you like it better when Sylvester is out in the field? Did you ever imagine Happy doing stand up?

 Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Remember you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic.

Crazy Train Review

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I could squirt water in his mouth.


We've done some crazy stuff, but this is nuttier than squirrel poop.