Scream Queens Round Table: The Woeful Tale of Dead Gay Boone

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Give it up for dead gay Boone. And raise your hand if you wanted more of that all season!

Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 9 was all about ghost stories. Between Chanel #3's insistence that she was being haunted by "dead gay Boone," Denise Hemphill's spooky tales to take the girls' minds off of the murders, and Chad Radwell's story about his parents' haunted house, it was a very ghost-centric installment of Scream Queens.

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Paul Dailly, Hank Otero and Caralynn Lippo as they break down the best and worst of the "Ghost Stories."

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Which was your favorite ghost story of the bunch and why?

Carissa: The hook killer in the back seat because I've heard it before. It's an oldie but goodie, and the way it played out with Chanel #5 was fun. Plus, I use the bathroom far too often to be messing around with that.

Paul: I liked the one with the red or blue toilet paper. Denise Hemphill can tell me ghost stories any time. They're not scary, they're just pretty damn funny.

Hank: The toilet paper one worked for me too. I thought it was hilarious that Denise Hemphill ended up living it out. Her fight with the Red Devil was priceless.

Caralynn: That little demon creature thing – the kappa? – popping up out of the toilet almost gave me a heart attack, but I have to agree with Paul and Hank, that blue or red toilet paper one was so bizarre and funny. I freakin' love Denise and her weirdness.

Chanel killed Hester! React.

Carissa: Of course, right after she becomes a viable character again sporting the neck brace, she's killed off. She was hilarious winking and all that crap with Chad. Also, Paul wants to do a college essay on why she's the unknown Red Devil, so her death is kind of bad timing for that.

Paul: Thanks Carissa! I totally don't think she's dead. I'm so sure now that she's the other killer, so I think that somehow she's going to escape before the Chanels (what's left of them!) get her put away.

Hank: Wait a second, I thought we heard her neck snap, no? Hester looked the most like Boone, so I thought she might be the other baby as well. For me, the character started off great but became irritating and boring as #6. I'm okay with Chanel taking her out. She'll probably resurface, this show's a joke.

Caralynn: I also thought Hester was better as neckbrace-wearing Hester than as Chanel #6. That conversation with Chad ("We'll see" *wink wink*) was probably her funniest moment all season. Hank, we definitely heard her neck snap but I'm sure that means nothing at all – she'll pop back up for sure. I still think her neckbrace might somehow have saved her. Who knows.

Best Chad Radwell moment of the night: top five reasons he's no longer into Hester, accepting Boone as a ghost, explaining to Chanel why his family's home is haunted, or another moment?

Carissa: It's so hard to choose! Probably accepting Boone as a ghost. Anyone accepting Boone as a ghost gets a special prize. I just don't know what it is.

Paul: The way he was vacuum packing his clothes and talking about the theory of packing. This dude is hilarious.

Hank: I'm with Carissa, that scene with "ghost" Boone cracked me up. I can't believe we're going to meet Chad's entire family next episode. I have no doubt that's going to be one of the highlights of the season.

Caralynn: Oh my god, Hank, thanks for reminding me that we're going to have a Radwell-apalooza next week for Thanksgiving! I'm so excited for that. Chad Radwell is far and away my absolute favorite character on the show, and I hope that his entire family are versions of Chad. I also think the Chad/Boone scene was perfection, it was just so damn funny. 

Were you at all surprised that the third Red Devil killer murdered her own brother and spared Gigi? What's going on in this person's mind?

Carissa: No. As soon as RD picked up the knife, I knew that was gonna happen. I just wish I could suss out who it is. I tried to see which girl was missing from the Kappa house at any given time, and I came up empty. The facial expressions on Chanel's face had me for a while, and Paul's theory on Hester donning the neck brace again because Denise pummeled RD works, but now she's dead...WTH?!?!

Paul: Not at all. I knew Nick Jonas was only signed for handful of episodes, so it made perfect sense that he would be getting knifed. I really do think it's Hester though.

Hank: Honestly, I thought it was pretty lame that they revealed Boone as a potential suspect in the very first episode and he turned out to be one of the killers. What?!? Surely they could have come up with something more clever. Then his own twin goes and kills him? It all makes zero sense to me as far as the bigger picture and I'm no longer invested in this story. Dean Munsch has killed. Chanel has killed. Who cares about the Red Devil? There are killers everywhere. I'll finish the show off, but I feel duped by the ingenious writing in the pilot. I should have known better.

Caralynn: Oh, I like Paul's Hester theory! That's really interesting, and explains the neck brace reemergence. It was totally predictable that the Red Devil would end up killing Boone instead of Gigi, but I'm really confused about the identity of the third killer at this point. My top suspect is still Melanie Dorkus (the ex-Kappa president who got acid-burned), but Boone asking the person on the other end of his call if they'd spoken to Zayday doesn't make any kind of sense if it's Dorkus. So I'm thinking Hester or Dorkus.

What did you think of Boone's reappearance, the fact that he was playing gay all along, and the fact that he was apparently obsessed with Zayday?

Carissa: The obsession with Zayday was part of my belief that Chanel was the killer. Or Grace. Sticking close to Zayday because her brother loves Zayday. But then she killed Boone, so that may not be a good theory at all. One thing is certain. Boone did not look like Wackeen Fenix. Or whatever.

Paul: This was a pretty crazy twist. I couldn't believe that he was the one who kidnapped her, but I'm sure both devils were present in that underground lair.

Hank: It's all just so nonsensical and typical of Ryan Murphy. He's laughing all the way to the bank. Murphy let me down big time this season with this show and American Horror Story: Hotel. Again, if I had known the show would become this harebrained, I would have skipped it.

Caralynn: I semi-voiced this in my review of Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 9, but there really appears to be no logical reason whatsoever for Boone to have been pretending to be gay (and a closeted gay guy at that!), so I'm mostly with Hank on this one. I'm still enjoying the show a lot (mostly for Denise, Chanel, and Chad Radwell), and I can mostly overlook the illogical stuff, but this Boone faux-gay thing really got stuck in my craw. Maybe they'll explain it away in the next few episodes? Here's hoping.

We (apparently) lost a major character in Hester. Who needs to die next?

Carissa: I was so sure we were losing #5!! So sure! One of the adults has to go next. We cannot have four adults running around before the end of the season. I'm going with Grace's dad. Sisters? Earmuffs is going next. She's too sedate.

Paul: I was sure we were losing her also, Carissa, but yes, the adults need to go. Gigi please!

Hank: Anyone, as I said I'm not invested in this story or its characters. I just hope they make the next few kills fun, like Deaf Taylor Swift and the lawn mower or Caulfield and the ladder. What a boring ass death they gave Earl Grey right? If you're going for campy, go all out.

Caralynn: Please, Ryan Murphy & Co., rid the Scream Queens world of Chanel #5. She is so annoying. I really thought she was going to bite it while in that car, but alas, it wasn't to be. That was really disappointing. Hank, I completely forgot that Earl Grey even died – that's how boring and inconsequential his death scene was. What was even the point of that character?! He did nothing!

Caralynn Lippo is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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