Supergirl Round Table: I Believe I Can Fly

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Welcome back to the Supergirl Round Table!

Kara learned that she is stronger with the support of her family and friends on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 2. Which is good because she's going to need all the help she can get against her aunt!

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Kathleen Wiedel, Christine Hinton, and Paul Dailly discuss their thoughts on Hank's big reveal, which team they're on, and when Kara will meet her aunt again. 

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Were you surprised to see Kara and her aunt meet this early? How long until they face each other again?

Jim: I wasn't surprised they met this early, what I was surprised by was that after 15-20 years Kara recognized her aunt over her mother so easily. Don't get me wrong, I was glad they didn't play the "OMG my mom's alive, but not really" trope. I'm just surprised that after not having seeing either one of them for a long time she so easily picked one from the other. As for how long till they see each other again? I'm not sure which way the show is going on that.

Kathleen: Honestly, I actually was surprised that they met face-to-face this early, rather than after at least five or six episodes of Astra sending out lackeys from the shadows to confront Kara before saying, "Fine, I'll do it myself." It'll likely be awhile before they meet again directly, thanks to Hank's nice Kryptonite knife.

Christine: I was surprised but I’m glad they did it this way instead of dragging it out. I’m betting it will be at least three more episodes until Kara sees Astra again, if not longer.

Paul: I was pretty surprised. I thought it was a meeting poised for midseason finale. They'll probably cross paths a lot over the next few weeks.

Are you Team Winn or Team James?

Jim: Sorry, gotta stick with my namesake – Team James all the way. Jimmy Olsen spent way to long not getting his romance on in the Superman comics, it would be nice to see him come out on top for a change.

Kathleen: Can't I like them both? Barring that, I'm sticking with my man Winn, with his super sewing skills and his unending support of Kara despite the fact that she's totally friend-zoned him.

Christine: But I like them both! Right now I just want to see all of their friendships build because I really can’t choose just yet.

Paul: I'm Team Winn. He's such a nice guy and it's sad he's been friend zoned.

Who or what is Hank? Can he be trusted?

Jim: If I had to guess, I would say he is one of the Wardens from Fort Rozz prison. I doubt he is Kryptonian, but I suspect he is still an alien. It would explain how they were able to access so much of Fort Rozz's information, tech, etc. and since the DEO and Alex trust him, I'm willing to give Hank the benefit of doubt.

Kathleen: While Jim's suggestion is intriguing, wouldn't Astra recognize Hank if he were one of the Wardens? Anyway, I personally like the idea that he's J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter. It would fit with his statement that he "used to" have a family, and would potentially explain both his desire to keep Kara out of the superhero business (he sees his daughter in her and wants to keep her safe) and the fact that he helped set up her Room of Solitude (a tiny way to help bring back her family in a way he can never have himself). Though glowing red eyes are not generally a harbinger of nice things, I'm with Jim and will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Christine: I’m out of my league here. I’ve never followed the comic books so for me, Hank is a complete mystery and I just look forward to seeing his story unfold.

Paul: I'm with Christine here. I have no clue.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Jim: I really enjoyed the heart warming ending of Kara getting to see her mom. I completely understand how she feels about wanting a hug from her deceased mom, its the only thing other than hearing her voice that I still ache for to my bones from my own mom who passed a few years ago.

Kathleen: I'm a fan of the training scene where Alex kicked Kara's behind in hand-to-hand combat. It reminded me a lot of a very similar scene in The Flash Season 1 Episode 8, when non-superpowered Oliver Queen was training Barry Allen (The Flash): "You shot me!" "I heard you heal fast." Same pointed message here: just because you have superpowers does not make you invincible or unbeatable.

Christine: I loved how Kara pointed out that Superman does everything alone and that she doesn’t want that. She wants friends. She wants her sister. She knows they are all stronger together. That may change if the people she cares about begin to get hurt but I hope not. I like the idea of her working with a team.

Paul: Kara laughing when Cat said she wanted a meeting with Supergirl. I honestly thought Cat was going to throw the coffee at her.

Did anything disappoint you?

Jim: While it is very minor, I thought the over-use of "wire work" during the Astra/Kara fight took something away from the impact the ground fight was having. There was one part that looked more like a bar-room cat fight than a fight between two Kryptonians.

Kathleen: It wasn't so much disappointing as simply cliche when, of all the agents to be kidnapped by the bad guys, it was Alex. Convenient, that. (Well, not so much for Alex, but you get the idea.)

Christine: That Hank might be a villain. I was just beginning to like him.

Paul: Some of Kara's dialog. Cut the cheese!

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