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If you were hoping that returning to the present time on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 would give us any further hint on Glenn’s fate, then you were probably sorely disappointed.

There was a lot of talk about Glenn and the others still outside the walls of Alexandria, but I wouldn’t be surprised if The Walking Dead Season 6 chooses not to give us a definitive answer until at least the mid-season finale.

And that’s still kind of annoying because all viewers will continue to really focus on and talk about each episode will be whether or not it was actually Glenn who was getting his guts ripped out on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3.

The whole thing reminds me very much of Sophia’s disappearance back on The Walking Dead Season 2 and how viewers and survivors didn’t know she was a walker until The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7.

You could argue that not knowing puts viewers in a position similar to the survivors or say someone like Maggie, who has no clue about Glenn but refuses to give up hope, and it allows us to feel how she and the other survivors feel.

But we also got that carefully framed shot of Glenn as guts were being ripped out by walkers, so, there’s that.

We’re just going to have to keep on waiting for the truth later on down the road.

That said, “Now” was very much a regrouping episode.

The Alexandrians have been forced to see a very harsh world, one that Rick and his crew have had a chance to experience already. With the botched walker parade plan and the Wolves’ attack, the community was struggling to figure out how to move forward.

It isn’t all just pasta parties anymore.

While I could care less about some of the random people added – sorry, Bruce – at least the hour tried to flesh out a few of the Alexandrians.

Deanna finally came out of her trance and focused on her desire to live. Though, someone really needs to show her where to stab a walker. The head, Deanna! The head!

Jessie stepped up to kill the random walker trapped in the house, which of course, allowed her to follow a path that would let her be with Rick. It seems rather quick from when they last had their talk, and she kind of told him off, but whatever, I like these two together.

Now Rick is a step-dad!

Though Ron is clearly up to no good trying to learn how to shoot from Rick. Either Rick or Carl is going to get a bullet from him.

And unfortunately the whole teen drama with Carl and Ron was cringeworthy. Even the fight between Carl and Ron felt laughable. I’m actually shocked Carl didn’t beat the crap out of Ron in a parallel to the way Rick beat the crap out of Pete on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15.

But the big revelation – besides Rick shockingly escaping the RV and bringing the herd back – was that Maggie is pregnant.

I’m glad she told Aaron, as he’s a character from Alexandria I’ve really enjoyed watching, and even if their short-lived trip was a little ridiculous, it was good to see them bonding.

Plus, the sewer walkers were actually pretty creepy, even if I didn’t think anyone was in any danger from getting bitten by them.

This was an obvious episode to have, especially after the nonstop movement the first three episodes of The Walking Dead Season 6 provided. But with The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4 having already slowed things down and backtracking, this episode might have played better if it aired the week after The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3.

I certainly appreciate the hour trying to flesh out some of the Alexandrians, but I still don't care about them the same way I have for a majority of Rick and the crew. And really, by the end, I was far more interested to know what Carol and Michonne were up to in the town. They were noticeably absent.

So while it's great the show is trying to make these new characters more than just zombie bait, let's just hope we don't next get a 90-minute episode flashback about Bruce.

Were you surprised Maggie is pregnant? What's next for Alexandria? Sound off below, and get all the walker-action when you watch The Walking Dead online.

Note: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6, "Always Accountable," will air Nov. 15 at 9 p.m.

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