Watch Being Mary Jane Online: Season 3 Episode 6

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Remember when Mary Jane started going to Lush, enjoying the privacy the club provided to finding a new cutty buddy? 

Well, on Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 6, the excitement is disrupted after Mark is outed by tabloids when he's caught in Lush's parking lot after taking his good time outside. Whoops. Just how far will the tabs go to get their story? Is Lush as safe as everyone thinks?

And how cold is MJ? We may find out when her original cutty buddy, Brandon, suffers a seizure just after sex. Her words to Kara? Seizures aren't sexy. Yikes. 

Meanwhile, Mary Jane is hosting the debate about immigration, driver's licenses and voting on SNC, but it's much tamer than it used to be. Does MJ still have her voice in primetime? Can she have her voice in primetime?

And what happens when Mark quits? She's the face of the network now, but Mark is the strongest voice in daytime now. Can she help the station win him back? 

And most importantly. MJ talks about resetting yo ho button. You want to find out what age she thinks you should get a reset if you reach it and you're not yet married? Well watch Being Mary Jane online to see the answer and all the other goodness the show holds!

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