Family Guy Season 14 Episode 9 Review: A Shot in the Dark

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Never give a stupid man a gun, or things could turn out horribly, just like they did for Peter on Family Guy Season 14 Episode 9.  

Or was it Cleveland and his family that things turned out horribly for? Or maybe it was just the audience that got the short end this time around.

Peter's Neighborhood Watch - Family Guy

It was another Peter-centric episode, and while Peter has been fun, this time around, his adventures did not lead us to a place of laughter. What we were led to, instead, was the worn down path of racism and gun control, among others, and it was not fun. Relevant and timely? Absolutely. Funny? Not at all.

Peter's new adventure is to form a neighborhood watch group after his couch gets stolen. He doesn't even consider that maybe it was taken because, like an idiot, he left it out there on the parkway. But, as we know, Peter is not a man of common sense.

Peter is so into his neighborhood watch duty that he's willing to forego sex with Lois, which, right there, should raise the red flag that something bad will happen. And it does: Peter shoots Cleveland Junior. And, wow. It explodes out of control on both sides. 

The most interesting scene was where Peter brought over a bottle of booze and cigars to try to make amends with Cleveland, but instead made everything worse when the cigar fell into the open bottle, and it caught fire. The statement made here was spot on. People only saw part of the story, but were quick to make assumptions about what did or didn't happen.

It never turns out well for anyone when things  happen like that. And that, I guess, is the lesson Family Guy is trying to tell us. One of many lessons trying to be told here.

Unfortunately, that is not the reason I watch Family Guy. I like to be entertained and about the only thing even remotely amusing was when Peter told Lois about his black face plan, and she started beating him with a rolled-up magazine because she was exasperated by his stupidity. It was a laugh-out-loud moment that worked to lighten up the heaviness of the episode up to that point. 

And then it was ruined with a Meg and Chris throw in about effects of growing up in abusive households. Why couldn't the writers just have let us have that moment? Why ruin it with something completely out of left field?

Lots of horrible things happened in "A Shot in the Dark," for Peter, for Cleveland, but mostly for the viewers.

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A Shot in the Dark Review

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 9 Quotes

Joe: Public opinion has shifted, and the boys upstairs said they can no longer ignore it.
Peter: Who the hell are the boys upstairs?

Lois, I am an unelected vigilante and take my job very seriously.