Scream Queens Round Table: And They All Lived Happily Ever After... Sorta.

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It's safe to say that Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 13 was a mixed bag.

No one quite wound up where you thought they would – but that may or may not be a credit to the showrunners surprising us.

While the killer's identity twist wasn't particularly shocking, there were certainly a few questions to unpack along the way. Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Paul Dailly, and Caralynn Lippo as they discuss the finale and address those burning questions!

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Last week's cliffhanger wasn't a red herring after all: Pete was in on the murders from pretty much the beginning. Did you expect that, and what did you think of it? Did his explanation make a lick of sense to you?

Carissa: No. It made no sense. None of it made sense. Two hours of no sense. Or...nonsense. The only thing I got from Pete is (paraphrased), "It felt good to kill someone, so what the hell? These sorority people are twats anyway, so why not roll with it? Sounds like a good idea. Weeeeeee. Don't hate me because I'm so smart that I did it first, and you're mad you didn't think of it!"

Paul: It was stupid and made no sense. It was a shock that he was revealed as one so early on in the finale, but disappointing.

Caralynn: Not a fan of this twist. It was arguably the worst, lamest thing about the finale, which is saying a lot because there was a solid handful of nonsense-happenings going on here. Carissa' paraphrasing is pretty on point. It also made me feel a little odd because, like Hester getting away with the murders, it felt a little too seriously like Murphy & Co. were legitimately excusing Pete's and Hester's actions?! Which is just... weird.

The last remaining Red Devil got away with everything and pinned it on the Chanels! React.

Carissa: Just no. I cannot stand Hester. At all. I really cannot stand her. The last hour of Scream Queens I fast-forwarded for the first time since the show started. Blah blah fff blah blah fff blah.

Paul: I was correct all along, but it was disappointing. She is the worst type of villain ever and I can't believe she managed to sway everyone in her corner. I was waiting for a post-credit scene that had Grace apologize to viewers for being a bore fest, before sticking a shoe in Hester's other eye.

Caralynn: Paul was right all along! And I fell for the Dorkus red herring. Oh, well. I wasn't a fan of the very exposition-y second half of the finale, but I did appreciate the fact that they clarified that Boone carried out most of the actual murdering and that Hester murdered only Pete (and possibly Gigi, though that was very unclear). It was so obviously a man in the Red Devil costume the whole time, so I was surprised that they went for realism there.

The Chanels wound up living it up, sentenced to life in an insane asylum. Was that a satisfying end for our original three Kappa sisters?

Carissa: I guess it would be appropriate if you hated the Chanels or enjoyed Hester, neither of which I did, so I give it a satisfaction rating of zero. There is one caveat of that which will be coming later.

Paul: I'm with Carissa. The Chanels made the show and this felt like a cop out. It was just so ludicrous and set them up for a present day American Horror Story: Asylum.

Caralynn: It was odd because we were clearly supposed to feel happy for them (the show was shoving that idea down our throats) but I really didn't. If there is a season two, I really, really hope that at least one of the Chanels busts out of the crazyhouse and makes their way into that story. And I really want it to not take place in the asylum.

Were there any glaring plot holes or questions that really stuck out to you, when all was said and done? If so, what was the most prominent one?

Carissa: Any plot that didn't include Chad was glaring, therefore the entirety of the final two hours had me befuddled. Someone must have been ill while they were writing if they couldn't think of any way to include him here and there throughout the ending. For shame. FOR SHAME.

Paul: I was too shocked by how bad the finale was to even think about plot holes. Maybe that was their plan all along. Throw trash at us.

Caralynn: Who killed Gigi? I watched the finale twice and unless I missed something huge, I'm pretty sure they didn't address this. That was the big sticking point for me. Regardless of her feelings about Gigi and Boone being nutbags, Hester didn't seem to want to kill either of them. Pete admitted to killing Boone but said nothing about killing Gigi. What gives?

Get creative: pick 4-5 characters and a setting you'd love to see for season two.

Carissa: When I thought the Chanels were going to be back, I thought the idea I've seen splashed on the internet sounded fun: Summer Camp. However, now that I know the only three characters that are coming back are Zayday, Grace and Hester, I'd much prefer Scream Queens 2: Asylum. Since I know it's been done for AHS, and was not my cuppa tea, I'm giving Ryan Murphy a do over of the Scream Queens comedy variety. He's welcome.

Paul: I'd still roll with summer camp and have some sort of twist with the Chanels getting out but working there for Community service. Zayday already works there as a camp counsellor and have Grace killed off screen. Hester could be there, but she'd be a red herring this time round.

Caralynn: I definitely do not want a "funny AHS: Asylum" season for the follow-up, so I'm voting for summer camp. Maybe the summer camp can be inexplicably next door to the asylum so the Chanels can periodically drop in? If not summer camp, I'd love to see the show go full '80s campy horror and do a season set then.

Caralynn Lippo is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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