Scream Queens Round Table: Murdered... to Death

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The big takeaway from Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 11 is that Dean Munsch, that pillar of administrative tyranny, is virtually unkillable. With her "buzzard gullet" and her extreme resistance to 27 minutes of freezing temperatures, Cathy Munsch proved super dedicated to making it to the two-hour season finale.

Beyond Munsch's Rasputin-like qualities, we were introduced to yet another suspect (or yet another red herring), when Pete confessed to Grace that he was a killer. Is either Munsch or Pete actually affiliated with the Red Devil murders? Join TV Fanatics Hank Otero, Carissa Pavlica, Paul Dailly, and Caralynn Lippo as they discuss.

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Is Pete's killer confession and cryptic phone call a red herring, or is he actually involved in the Red Devil debacle?

Hank: Pete was my #1 suspect from the very beginning. Of course, then they threw the twin thing at us and now we're supposed to assume the final killer is the baby girl. I still don't quite understand why she would kill her brother Boone so easily. That's her frakkin' twin, you know? If Pete has indeed worn one of the Red Devil suits, perhaps he killed Boone? I think he's involved and I'm curious to see how it all plays out.

Carissa: I'm so confused. This is like fighting ISIS, for god's sake. Every time we think we're back down to one killer, they spin another one. Who the hell is Pete talking to on the phone? Was Boone transgendered and Pete's twin since the beginning (thus his "playing" gay and obsession with working out?). I seriously have no friggin' idea who Pete is talking to on the phone. The real killer...Pete is the red herring, but he considers himself a "murderer" by association.

Paul: I don't think Pete's the killer. It would be far too obvious because he's had the Red Devil costume since the beginning. It'll be so disappointing.

Caralynn: It's either a red herring or Pete committed a murder unrelated to the Red Devil murders. I just don't think he's one of the "main" killers who have been terrorizing the campus. I could see him as an "ancillary" killer, like Dean Munsch was when she killed her ex. I agree, Paul, it would be far too obvious since we've known Pete had the costume all along.

What did you make of the Chad Radwell/Pete scene at the frat house? Any active malice behind Chad's threat that Pete would be "murdered... to death"?

Hank: Chad is such a goofball, he's the one person I've never really suspected of being the killer. Now, watch he turns out to be the final Red Devil. I don't think there was any real malice, he was just trying to scare good ol' Pete.

Carissa: Hehe. I giggled at that then as I'm giggling at it now. Even if Chad is the real killer, we'll probably find out every single murder was a case of tripping and accidentally falling with various weapons "to death." The guy has no malice.

Paul: I think Chad is just a master of words. He can turn everything into something witty, but I don't think he has anything against Pete. I'd be shocked if he did.

Caralynn: Yeah, I think we all agree here. I don't think Chad is involved and never have (if only because I desperately want to see him back for season two!)

Why can't Dean Munsch be killed? Theorize.

Hank: Munsch was probably present in that ancient Egyptian chamber when Vandal Savage became immortal. Sorry, I've got Arrow/Flash on the brain haha. I honestly have no clue how she survived those attempts on her life. Hopefully, the explanation will make a tiny bit of sense.

Carissa: Because she is one tough bitch. She has kicked and screamed and pushed herself to the dizzying heights of Dean against all odds (Again...I have the giggles). There is no reason why she survives other than for our sheer enjoyment. My favorite was the cryo chamber. Peace out!

Paul: They can't kill the OG Scream Queen off, can they?

Caralynn: Haha, Hank I love that! Yes, Munsch was totally an ancient Egyptian teacher of some kind... No, but in all seriousness, I assumed this was another "My ___ lover in ___ taught me the art of ingesting poison without dying" and "My ___ lover in ___ taught me how to resist subzero temperatures for extended periods of time."

What was your favorite scene, line, or moment?

Hank: Probably Dean Munsch standing there frozen with an icicle beard and the looks on the girls' faces. It was your typical insane Scream Queens moment. How the hell did she survive that? I can't wait to find out.

Carissa: Whoops. Yep, the cryo chamber was a hoot. Dean Munch finally being accepted by the girls and just going all out to enjoy the moments, totally throwing caution to the wind (against character, mind you) so we could all get a laugh worked for me.

Paul: Yeah, I loved the cryo chamber. This show is just so out there that we should have expected her to survive.

Caralynn: I thought the mall scene was really funny. Particularly Chanel being rescued by Denise and then Denise talking too much and allowing the Red Devil to shoot the other officer and escape. It was so perfectly Denise. Add onto that smaller silly moments like the way the Chanels run (so slow and so ineffective!), and I really think it was the funniest moment of the episode.

Make your final case for who you think will be unmasked as the Red Devil in the two-hour finale.

Hank: Honestly, I think the killer can be anyone, but I'm going with Pete/Hester (possibly working together). Pete has always given me a weird vibe, and he did have that Red Devil suit hanging in the closet from the start. That cryptic phone call meant something, right? Who did he murder? I don't think Pete's going to survive the season, there's still two killers left. Hester was kept alive for a reason: she's the twin girl.

Carissa: Since Zayday has been the least fleshed out of any of the characters (we literally know NOTHING about her), and given Boone's previous utterly strange attraction to her, I'm tossing my hat into the ring for Zayday with the chainsaw-gifting grandma. Screw the twins. All that baby malarkey was for nothing.

Paul: I'm still on the Hester train. There's got to be a reason why she keeps popping up, and I hope it's not because Ryan Murphy loves her.

Caralynn: I think the unmasked killer is going to be Melanie Dorkus (yes, I'm taking this theory to the bitter end!!). However, I'm about 95% sure that this is going to be a Clue-style ending. Meaning, several people will have committed a few of the murders when convenient, thinking like Munsch did when she murdered her ex that it was a convenient time to kill someone when there was a serial killer on the loose.

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