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The Kappas, their families, and their assorted enemies, frenemies and acquaintances celebrated Thanksgiving on Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 10. And no, it was not exactly the heartwarming family holiday that you might have expected it to be.

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Paul Dailly, Hank Otero, and Caralynn Lippo as they discuss all that went down during "Thanksgiving," including resurrections and new deaths.

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Who had the most compelling evidence against their suspect during the Kappa house confrontation sequence?

Carissa: I kinda lost track after all the stuff we learned about Grace, especially that she was there during the spray tan incident. That was so unexpected that I just sat there with my mouth hanging open for the rest of the sequence.

Paul: I'd say Wes. It was hilarious and goes to show that he isn't the good guy we've thought he is all season long.

Hank: There was definitely a lot going on, but I think Pete compiled the best evidence. Wes seemed too good to be true, but once we learned he was at that fateful KKT "waterfalls" party I started having my doubts. Pete presented his case really well, he's not as dumb as he looks.

Caralynn: This is probably the only episode where I haven't actively cursed Pete's existence. His evidence against Wes was surprisingly sound and it sort of justified his suspicious absence for prolonged periods of time over the course of the season! He was being a good detective, sorta.

What did you think of Hester's fake-out death? Are you glad she turned up alive?

Carissa: Surprisingly, yes. Gone was the bitch, and in her place was a far less confident attempt at being that same bitch. She wasn't pulling it off, and it put yet another spin onto Hester. The worst Pictionary game in the history of Pictionary turns out to be a laugh out loud adventure, even if it practically had not-dead Hester near tears.

Paul: I'm not surprised in the slightest. Why would they kill the final Red Devil? Yes, I'm glad she's alive because it backs up my theory that she is the final Red Devil.

Hank: I thought (probably hoped) she was a goner. Curses, damned neck-brace! Still, I actually enjoyed the Pictionary game and the way the Radwells mistreated her. Sorry it was too damn funny. Paul's right, this turn of events means there's a good chance Hester is Boone's sister and the final killer. I'm just not sure why she killed her twin though, but whatevs. I guess Nick Jonas had to head out on tour.

Caralynn: I don't know, Paul, I'm still not feeling Hester as the last Red Devil. My money is on Melanie Dorkus or Chanel #5 at this point. Hester was getting a little played out, so I'm glad that her near death experience ended up softening her up and bonding her with Chanel. Chanel sticking up for Hester with the Radwells during the worst Pictionary game ever was such a pleasant surprise! Of course, if Paul is right and Hester is the last Red Devil, that kind of steps all over that heart-warming moment, so...

Gigi is dead! And she's the kind of dead that can't be undone (*cough* Hester *cough*). React. Will you miss Gigi?

Carissa: First, I never knew the chick that plays Gigi was on Saturday Night Live. The things you learn on a Thanksgiving SNL Special. Second...As soon as RD picked up that knife we all knew she was a goner, right? By the look on her face, it almost looked like she wanted out of her misery. Strange.

Paul: I will miss her. I loved that I thought she was going to just be a stupid character, but she's actually a conniving bitch.

Hank: I never liked the character, but she definitely played an important part in the season. Will I miss her? Nah, not at all. Carissa I can't believe you didn't realize Nasim Pedrad was on SNL. She slipped an F-bomb in her very first skit and was sent packing soon after haha.

Caralynn​: While I liked Gigi more at the beginning of the season, I will miss her. I thought she was going to stick around until the end! That was such an awesome reveal, though. I  knew something bad was going to be under the plate in Tiburon the Turkey's place, but I didn't think it would be Gigi's goofy looking decapitated head. I had no idea Nasim Pedrad was on SNL either!

Fill in the blank: During her conspicuous absence from Kappa house on Thanksgiving, Denise Hemphill was _____________.

Carissa: Denise Hemphill was off having Thanksgiving with friends and family, because who the hell would want to eat food that might come from murder kitchen??

Paul: Denise Hemphill was resurrecting Shondelle from the dead.

Hank: Denise Hemphill was busy setting up her own security company, because 1-866-KLJ-0199 is just a lame ass 800 number. Wallace University needs a dedicated number, more along the lines of 1-800-KKT-DEAD. You know Denise would make a small fortune in Season 2.

Caralynn: Denise Hemphill was wearing her new Chanel #5-pilfered wardrobe for a night on the town because Denise is the best.

Were you surprised by the reveal that Wes is Boone's father (and presumably the father of the one remaining Red Devil)? Does this tie into the killers' motives at all? If so, how?

Carissa: Surprised at how much I didn't care. HA! You'd think Gigi would have known that really important detail given she knew the twins well enough care for and to kill with them, right? That seems like a flaw in the writing.

Paul: I didn't care either, but I liked that they are at least trying to up the shocks. It would be too cliché to have the final killer be Wes' kid.

Hank: Nothing surprises me anymore, the show is basically a series of seemingly unrelated twists that are, in fact, related. Carissa is right, how could Gigi not know who the father of the twins was? I'm still annoyed at the way Boone went out. It makes zero sense to me, but I'll get over it.

Caralynn: That's a really good point, Carissa, why would Gigi not know that? Or did she know that? Do we have any proof that she didn't know? Hm. It's also possible that the twins didn't know that Wes was their father either. It could have been that no one knew who the dead 1995 Kappa mom hooked up with/who fathered her kids. Maybe it's a totally separate, random coincidence? Yeah, I have no idea is what I'm saying, basically. Cool twist, though!

Pick your favorite newly introduced Radwell and tell me why.

Carissa: Seriously? You think I remember them by names? They were a hoot, but I loved the thick insults our Chanel threw their way at the ends of Pictionary. They're not used to getting backtalk from anyone, let alone a master. And isn't it ironic that Chad Michael Murray could actually be in the family, with the name CHAD and all?

Paul: I'm with Carissa here. They're all freaking hilarious and deserve a talk show. Can you imagine?

Hank: I only remember the mother was named Bunny... what?!? They all had some great moments, but I can tell you that young Schwarzenegger was trying a little too hard. He's the only one that didn't quite work as a Radwell for me. Alan Thicke as Tad Radwell was a particularly nasty and a real standout.

Caralynn: Bunny Radwell's pompous berating of Chanel and Hester killed me, so I'd have to go with her. I agree Hank, Patrick Schwarzenegger was awkwardly bad ad Thad Radwell. I did love his little pelvic-thrusting dance of victory after the Pictionary win, though.

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