Watch Being Mary Jane Online: Season 3 Episode 10

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Mary Jane is still struggling to figure out who she wants to be.

On Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 10, one thing she realizes is that she doesn't want anyone else telling her what she'll be doing. She wants to make her own decisions, whether for her job or for her personal life. 

When the network manager discovers she's dating a white man and wants her to switch up the premiere story for the return of Talk Back, she's hesitant, but does it. She also changes her choice of dates and makes a decison about Cece.

Kara, meanwhile, has her own challenges, as Marisol wants the anchor position on Kara's show and doesn't want to have a discussion about it. 

What will be the driving force behind changes coming next season for MJ? Find out when you watch Being Mary Jane online right here. Click above to get started!

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