Chicago Fire Round Table: Into The End Zone

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A tornado wreaked havoc through Chicago on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 11 leaving death and destruction in its path. It was also Herrmann's first day back at work following his stabbing. 

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Honey to discuss the big Chili reveal, Cruz's emotional state, and Otis' new look. 

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Chicago Fire Round Table 1-27-15

What are your thoughts on the reveal that Chili's sister is dead? What repercussions will Chili face for her behavior?

Honey: WOW! That was a shocker. Wasn't expecting that to happen, although her actions were a little dramatic for what was surrounding her. Her tears were legitimately for her sister. Chili is a pretty private person and by Antonio telling Dawson, and Dawson being who she is, always wanting to help? Might be a can of sour worms there.

I am not quite sure about the repercussions since Chief Boden knows about it. Maybe none, like Antonio said, "Cut the girl a little slack, her sister was just found in a crack house dead," Don't know. Can't answer that one.

Elizabeth: I was surprised, since I definitely thought that story was heading towards mental illness. I can't see Dawson not filling Boden in on what's really been going on with Chili, which should mitigate the punishment. But it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Stacy: I was definitely expecting mental illness, and honestly I'm not sure they're not still going there. Her behavior is extreme for suffering a loss, but that could have been the catalyst that made her break. As for repercussions, she nearly killed someone and then lied about it, so she needs to be put on temporary leave with therapy as a condition of returning.

What did you think of Dawson helping Otis with women? Do you like his new look?

Honey: Well, I am not a fan of Otis. He is a little creepy concerning Sylvie. Who would go to the trouble looking up a rival for your friend? I prefer Austin with her. Well, he certainly doesn't look older. Sylvie is better off with Austin.

Elizabeth: If Otis trims up his hair just a touch, gets a wardrobe makeover, and lays off a couple of beers or sodas a week, he'd be a hunk. He's got a great smile, and now that the regrettable facial hair is gone, he reminds me of Enver Gjokaj. I hope Dawson keeps up her fairy godmother routine!

Stacy: That whole thing was hilarious! I think Otis needed a change, and I like that Dawson is pushing him to get out of his comfort zone a little bit.

Is Cruz starting to move past his guilt, or will it continue to consume him?

Honey: Not sure about this. His first right move was to visit Freddie in jail. Freddie is in a gang seeing no way to get out. Cruz is still holding on to his guilt. But possibly is starting to think about it in a positive way because of Herrmann's and Severide's little chat with him.

Elizabeth: I was a little sad to see Cruz hardening up like he did. But it was good to see Freddie acknowledge his guilt and attempt to absolve Cruz. I just hope he can move past everything without losing his generous kind-hearted nature.

Stacy: I think it's a start by the visit with Freddie and his voice mail that he left for Leon. It'll take time to completely move past it, but he'll get there.

What do you think of Agent Ward? Where will that story line lead?

Honey: Well, for an Agent, Ward is OK I guess. She is really not Severide material. April Sexton is the best fit for him. That is my opinion. I like Kelly and April together; perfect couple.

Elizabeth: I thought it was a little interesting to see Severide so eager to circumvent due process given what Boden has just gone through. I'm also not sure I got any more of a vibe between him and Ward than he has with almost every woman when he first meets them. I

like the idea of April and Severide together mostly because it might help make April more interesting while also strengthening ties between the two shows. But honestly, he needs a woman who isn't overly impressed with him. April only meets that bill because she's known him for so long.

Stacy: I agree, I want to see Severide and April give it a go. I am curious to see where the bomb story leads though. I can see this being played out over the rest of the season.

Have you ever experienced a tornado or other natural disaster?

Honey: Yes I have, and the most horrible sound is the train sound, knowing it isn't a train, but the noise, then everything starts shaking. I lived in a mobile home. I had my daughter in a chair with a mattress over her and I was laying on top of it.

You could actually feel the house lift up in the rear, and I was waiting for it to flip over, but it didn't. However the utility shed in the front of it was moved to the street. It was very scary. I would not want to experience that ever again.

Elizabeth: I've sheltered from tornados (like Brett, I'm from Indiana!) but never with the advanced level of preparedness that Cindy or the firehouse showed. I've always been lucky enough to stay out of the line of the storm, but I have also experienced three earthquakes in non-earthquake prone areas, the edges of two hurricanes, and one "snowpocalypse" which was survived by having an abundant stock of alcohol and a making up a drinking game for Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Stacy: I grew up in Indiana and Texas, so I am no stranger to tornado warnings and needing to take shelter. Like Elizabeth, I've been lucky enough to stay out of the storms' paths. I also experienced my first earthquake in the DC area and the "snowpocalypse." I'm about to get hit with part two this weekend.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Otis: Hey, you okay?
Brett: Yeah I'm fine. I'm from Indiana so I've been through my share of tornadoes.

Herrmann: So hey, when's the big day buddy?
Mouch: We haven't exactly set a date yet, we don't want to rush into anything.
Herrmann: Yeah of course man, you're young, you've got your whole life ahead of you. Why rush?
Mouch: I see your sense of humor is still intact. That's too bad.