Family Guy Season 14 Episode 11 Review: The Peanut Butter Kid

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We always knew Stewie was a special kid, so it wasn't really surprising when he gets cast to star in a commercial in Family Guy Season 14 Episode 11.

But what starts out as something fun, quickly turns into something crazy when Lois and Peter become the stereotypical child actor parents.

Quagmire put the whole episode into perspective when he told everyone at the commercial's screening to calm down because all Stewie did was a cute baby thing. And he was right. The commercial was just Stewie sitting on a toilet, smearing peanut butter on his face, and saying "nom, nom, nom, nom, nom."

The only difference was that he was getting paid for this cuteness. But it was funny watching Stewie's football head move side to side while saying that ridiculous line.

Peter and Lois are pretty crappy parents to begin with, so when their heads get big after that one success, it's kind of amusing. How could they possibly get any worse? Well, now they are parents of a child actor, the worst of the worst, at least that's what Family Guy wants us to believe.

I get that the young acting life must be rough on kids, but the portrayal I saw of two idiotic parents pushing their kids to perform better and getting into crazy pissing contests with other parents doesn't seem that much different from plain, old regular competitive parents who push their kids in sports or academics.

Maybe the "normal" parents don't give their kids cocaine to enhance their performance, but is giving Red Bull to help your kid any different?

But, this is a cartoon and a high Stewie makes for a funny Stewie. And an idiot Peter makes for a funny Peter. And Brian as the voice of reason, as is the case this time around, makes for a very boring and irritating Brian. 

It wasn't very funny when he went to his board to show Stewie the fate of child actors to try to convince him to get out of the life. And Stewie was a little quick to come around to Brian's side, which I really didn't like.

Stewie is a pretty smart kid, and we know his history, so it was difficult to buy when he said he trusted that the Fat Man knew what he was doing. 

But the Bryan Singer dig was amusing. As was the Anne Hathaway dig. Who doesn't love Anne Hathaway? 

As I mentioned in my review of Family Guy Season 14 Episode 10, the show works best when it's silly and not so serious. While there were plenty of silly moments, like Peter's short obsession with metal detecting, the Burlesque act, and the Griffin's eating out at a fancy restaurant to name a few, Brian's annoying bits brought the level way down.

Every time he was on screen was an interruption, which usually isn't the case with him. He was being the audience's dad when no dad was necessary. 

But Brian does deserve the credit for helping with one of the best parts of the episode, since he was the one that convinced Stewie to give up the acting life. Stewie's meltdown during the orange juice commercial at the end was classic and hilarious. I could watch that scene over and over and never get bored.

Although not the best episode of the season, Family Guy Season 14 Episode 11, was still entertaining and amusing. Plus, there was no Cleveland, and that's always a positive.

What did you think of the "Peanut Butter Kid"? Hit the comments below and share your thoughts! Remember, you can watch Family Guy online anytime, right here at TV Fanatic.

The Peanut Butter Kid Review

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He's a baby who did a baby thing. Let's all calm down a little.


Thanks for coming to my big night, Brian. I see you got all dressed up in your exposed weiner.