Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11 Review: The Last Chimera

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It's time to get your shit together, Scott.

On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11, Scott slowly began to repair the epic mess he made. The first step is obviously to fix things with Stiles because there is no pack without Stiles. There's just not.

I like that Scott has realized that he's messed up and that his pack is in shambles. He gets it. You can see that by the way he refused to let Stiles handle things on his own and also by the way he reached out to Malia.

He offered his ear if Malia should ever need someone to talk to, but he doesn't force it. Scott knows how Malia is, so Scott basically just waved a friendly flag to remind Malia that he's there.

Scott hasn't completely repaired his relationship with Malia or Stiles, but he's trying. The alpha pack symbol at the end is Scott saying that him and his pack will be back and stronger than ever. Scott just has to mend a whole lot of fences first, and then the rest of the pack has to work on fixing their own relationships as well. Hopefully, the McCall pack reunion will provide some great character moments. 

I'm excited to see the McCall pack come back together. The pack being separated and doing things solo was not entertaining at all. They were all clearly forced apart by reasons that never completely made sense.

I'm sorry but Stiles not confiding in Scott about Donovan's murder made zero sense, and the same applies to Scott believing Theo over Stiles. I'm never buying it.

Malia: We kind of broke up, I guess.
Scott: Yeah, we kind of broke up too.

It's always nice to see Scott and Stiles do some detective work. The whole scene where they analyzed Theo's heartbeat and replayed the conversation that Stiles and Theo had to pick up clues was applause worthy. It made me so, so happy. It feels like forever since we have really seen them work through a problem like that.

Plus, it was a cool way to use Scott's werewolf skills. 

Oh my god, I had forgotten how confusing the timeline is.

Lydia's time in Eichen house is the present, and everything else is the past. There were definitely moments where I was just like, "wait what order did this happen in?" It probably could have been a bit more clear, but by the end of the episode, things started to click into place.

This whole flashback situation that's going on should, in theory, help to build suspense. Sadly, all it's doing is making things a hundred times more confusing.

We did learn things though. We learned that Theo has known the Dread Doctors since he was 10, and that the doctors managed to create the perfect killer. Okay, that's great, but there wasn't a direct tie in to what the rest of the hour was about – saving the Sheriff, Layden, Lydia's warning.

We could have at least glimpsed the ultimate killing machine or maybe seen the Dread Doctors take a new person to experiment on, and then that person would end up being the killing machine. 

There needs to be a bit more of a connection, rather than having Lydia sort of tell us what is going to happen sometime down the road. Are you liking the whole set up of this season with the majority of it being in the past via flashback? 

Holy crap the Stilinski Family feels were coming on strong. It was an emotional hour that I spent mainly wanting Sheriff and Stiles to hug it out. 

It's so great that we really get to see the bond that the Sheriff and Stiles have because they have been through hell. Stiles hearing the words his dad said to him at his mom's funeral? So not okay.

I just about died at that part, but it is an amazing way to highlight just how close Stiles is to his dad.

Stiles and the Sheriff look to each other for support. They are each other's rocks. When life is falling down around them, they reach out to each other. Can we put the Sheriff and Stiles in a protective bubble? No more harm can come to them.

It's a supernatural tree that has to want to be found in order to see it?


Mason's reaction to Liam ripping out the page from the book is hands down my favorite moment from this season. I mean how can you not love this kid?

While I'd rather spend time focusing on Sciles than on Mason and Liam (Liason?), I have to admit that Mason is pretty amazing. His sass is on point. I mean he called out the nemeton and the insanity that surrounds it. 

Honestly, there was so much stuff going on in this hour. It was difficult to keep up with everything and to process all the information that was being thrown at you. I mean how do you even make a chimera out of a berserker and a jaguar? I think berserkers should be left alone, but that's just me.

Then there's Parrish with his sexy time hallucination type things that he has featuring Lydia. Dude, control your hallucinations. Don't hallucinate and dive. You are a deputy, Parrish! Act like it.

We need to narrow down the focus a bit or at least group more people together working towards one goal. Once Liam and Scott reconcile, that will help things out. Then, you know, we will only have to follow around the McCall pack, Theo's pack, Parrish, the Dread Doctors, and whatever else this season throws at us. 

What did you think of the episode? Any theories on why Theo wants a hellhound? Share your thoughts and theories in a comment below!

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The Last Chimera Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Where's my son? Where's Stiles?


Her heart. He wanted her heart.