Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Two Ts

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Saved By the Bell must be Mouch's favorite show.

He certainly kept getting out of awkward conversations on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 16. Too bad Casey didn't have the same luck with the various politicos and "community organizers" that want a piece of him.

While the guys were planning hi-jinx and plotting coups, Brett got too involved with a patient and Stella proved herself to be a great new house-buddy for Gabby. 

Casey had a rude awakening when he was forced to learn some basic lessons on politics. I love the idea of Matt as an alderman, fighting the good fight, saving the streets of Chicago one neighborhood at a time. But honestly, he's just not savvy enough for it.

He may have finally learned to compromise, but he chose the wrong team to side with. I know his choices were severely limited by the time he came around, but gangsters who light people on fire in cars in front of schools...he would have much better off helping developers get around zoning laws.

Honestly, it's just really hard to tell where this story is headed. Even as a political wonk (or maybe especially as a political wonk), it's a frustrating story to watch. It's just another instance of the guys at 51 going about everything bullheaded instead of playing the long game

Still, it was rough watching him get creamed by Beck's people like that. 

Becks: A little free advice: you're in Chicago politics now. There's no shallow end.

Casey wasn't the only taking lessons at the school of hard knocks. Brett's inability to compartmentalize bit her on the ass this time, and hard. 

I certainly get why she got that hinky feeling, and her desire to follow up on it. Especially because there was a kid involved. Oftentimes in the #OneChicago world, following your gut works out like a charm (see Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 15 for the most recent example).

But you have to be willing to live with the fall out. I just hope that this doesn't count as a strike against her, especially since she's been in the same position before. Maybe Boden could just send her for some sessions with Dr. Charles.

I can't do that. I can't leave my heart in my locker at the start of shift and just pick it up at the end. I can't. Maybe it'll break me someday. I just don't care.


While the night started off terrifying (I've lived in a city that had an exploding manhole cover problem, it's the stuff of nightmares), there was a lot of humor to balance out all the disturbing things like snow chains getting wrapped around a guys head. 

We got a little bit more of Stella and Gabby bonding, which was nice. I know that Gabby's been living with Brett, but they never had quite the friendship that she shared with Shay. Stella is someone who Gabby can really see as an equal, where Brett feels more like her kid sister.

I love how they ribbed each other about getting busy in the firehouse, and I can't wait to see how long it is before Gabby finds out Severide's little secret. You know she'll lord that over him for a while. 

Stella: And don't tell me that you and Casey have never gotten busy in the firehouse.
Gabby: That's besides the point.
Stella: Mm-hmm.

The running gag about Mouch's bachelor party was the highlight for me though. There was just so much that was great about it. The way that Hermann was so put out, the ever growing list of terrible ideas, the fact that Trudy was behind it all.

I was left wondering if Logan is actually obnoxious or if that was all part of the act. I loved how Otis really got into him once they discovered their mutual love of Star Trek, and almost seemed a little disappointed that there wasn't actually going to be a Matrix marathon. 

But may favorite line had to be Cruz's initial suggestion of what to do for the party.

Hey, maybe we mix things up a little bit, huh? Party bus to Indiana, hmm? Open bar, open road, who knows what'll happen?


As a native Hoosier, I couldn't stop my giggles. What were they going to do? Take the party bus down to Amish country? Or maybe really go wild and hit up Fair Oaks Farms? Go on a picturesque tour of Gary? 

Okay, so, maybe they'd take their party bus over to one of the lake shore casinos, but why on earth does that sound better than steaks and strippers in Chicago? Also, why are there now only two strip clubs in Chicago – strike that, just the one, Stilettos is closed. 

Mouch [about the bachelor party]: Trudy knows?
Hermann: Trudy? Trudy came up with this!

Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 17 will be back after a little break. But you can catch up on anything you've missed and watch Chicago Fire online! Share your ideas for Mouch's bachelor party and for Casey to get out the sticky situation he's put  himself into down in the comments section. We love to hear your thoughts!

Two Ts Review

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Hey, maybe we mix things up a little bit, huh? Party bus to Indiana, hmm? Open bar, open road, who knows what'll happen?


Becks: A little free advice: you're in Chicago politics now. There's no shallow end.