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It happened. Katie was part of an ambush on Proxy Snyder, and Will was with him. She hardly seemed phased by it, however.

Subesequently, the Yonk was the worst place for Will to hide Snyder after the attack. It was also the best.

The intimate nature of Colony Season 1 Episode 6 inside of the Yonk after the ambush played out really well, allowing us to learn a bit more about our major players. It was also easy to realize that as much as we learn, we'll still know relatively little.

As viewers, we're as in the dark as everyone in the colony, and for once, I'm not really upset about that. I find it intriguing.

Allegiances Are Tested - Colony

There are so many levels to survival within this new world after the arrival. Some new information was revealed. There are seven colonies in the Pacific West Coast. The land in between those colonies, Snyder said, is such that you wouldn't even want to know.

While Snyder said he was a provost at Stanford University before the arrival, Helena's phone call revealed he was chosen for a specific purpose, and he was being given enough rope to do what they expected, but if he hung himself, they'd take care of it. They were also pleased with his counter-resistance unit.

Snyder said he met the hosts, but I was pretty sure he'd also said once before he had not. I have a feeling he was lying. He seems to puff himself up when the moment calls for it.

Honestly, a lot of the characters are doing that.

Snyder also said he was going to take Will to meet Helena when they got ambushed because it was she who could help with the Charlie situation. He had only recently discovered Charlie was alive. I think he was taking Will to meet Helena. 

Will is something Snyder would want to show off. He's a great asset to the counter-resistance. He has already determined what Katie did not, for example. That the followers of Geronimo and the Resistance she is a part of are not the same organizations. 

Katie's actions have been very surprising. From how little she was affected by Will showing up at the Yonk with Snyder to killing the Resistance guy to giving up Snyder right at the Yonk.

If I was Katie, I would have sent Will and Snyder elsewhere and then called in the dogs. That she was willing to place so much trust in the likes of Quayle is disconcerting. Quayle seems a bit...unstable.

But Katie could have killed Snyder. Even the possibility that he's telling the truth about Charlie has to be keeping him alive. Although I'd keep him alive as the devil I know, as well.

There is something very true in that statement. Until they determine they're ready to give up the fight for Charlie, it doesn't make sense for Will and Katie to cut Snyder loose.

The same goes for the Resistance. Why would they want to kill Snyder when he has been relatively ineffective in taking out their people? 

Why would they want to kill Will, when turning him into an asset for the Resistance would be so much more beneficial than wiping him off the map?

It's unsettling to think that Quayle's immediate reaction to what's happening is that Katie is a double agent. It's pretty clear he's lacking in both leadership and decision making skills. He just doesn't have what it takes to adequately run an effective Resistance for the long term.

He seems more like a cult leader than someone who is thinking about the fact the future of the free world is in his hands. Maybe a little power hungry. OK, more than a little.

Colony Season 1 Episode 7 is titled "Broussard." Might he finally come to his senses and take the reins from Quayle?

If anyone is out there and wants to chat about it with me, theorize about who is out there and what's happening, drop me a comment. Don't forget you can watch Colony online if you've missed out!

Yoknapatawpha Review

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Colony Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Snyder: We shouldn't have ditched the car. We shouldn't be on foot!
Will: Are you in the military? Law enforcement?
Snyder: No.
Will: Right.

Snyder: You think the Resistance got inside Homeland Security?
Will: I think that food truck raid was practice for this.