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Proxy Snyder is under attack, and Will put himself in the line of fire onĀ Colony Season 1 Episode 6.

When they run to the Yonk, that means Katie gets the opportunity to know Snyder a little more. Does she like him enough to save his hide?

Not quite. Things get awfully confusing as there is more double crossing than you can possibly imagine.

Is anyone who you think they are? Is anybody loyal? Can anybody be trusted?

Will is true and keeps his word. When he tells Katie what he knows about Geronimo, she's not quite sure what to think.

To prepare yourself for what might be coming next, watch Colony online here via TV Fanatic.

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Colony Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Snyder: We shouldn't have ditched the car. We shouldn't be on foot!
Will: Are you in the military? Law enforcement?
Snyder: No.
Will: Right.

Snyder: You think the Resistance got inside Homeland Security?
Will: I think that food truck raid was practice for this.