Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Round Table: A Spy's Goodbye

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On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 13, we saw the swan song for Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter, two dedicated agents who've been with the show since season two. Meanwhile, Malick and his daughter seemed to be up to no good, as usual. What could they be planning?

Join Jim Garner, Hank Otero, Robin Harry, Caralyyn Lippo, and Kathleen Wiedel, as they discuss the emotional bar scene, what's next for the show without Bobbi and Hunter, and their theories on Malick's Inhuman status.

Agents of SHIELD Round Table S3 - depreciated -

What did you think of Bobbi and Hunter’s exit from the show?

Jim: Heartbreaking, amazing, and a great reminder that Marvel is not afraid to change up the cast to tell a really great story.

Hank: I think it was well done, yet unnecessary. Though I've only heard tidbits about Marvel's Most Wanted, I never liked those two characters enough to follow them on their own show. The new show sounds too similar to S.H.I.E.L.D. Switch it up, guys.

Robin: I honestly wasn't really feeling it until the very last scene at the bar, and then I got a little choked up. The bar scene was pretty powerful, and I loved it.

Caralynn: I loved it and thought it was done perfectly. That spy's goodbye really got me. Which was strange because, like Hank, I never really got into Bobbi and Hunter. I always found Hunter mostly annoying, while Bobbi had her moments. The goodbye had me tearing up, though.

Kathleen: It's nice that the characters got written out in a, ah, non-fatal manner. Obviously, they're slated for Marvel's Most Wanted, but still. I'm sad to see them go, but it's good to keep things fresh. I found the story itself entertaining and emotional. Plus there was the bit with Hunter and the mushroom soup, which had me cracking up.

Do you think the writers made the right call writing them off? Will the show suffer?

Jim: Given that Bobbi and Hunter are getting their own show, it really seemed like a good way to send them out in style. Only time will tell if the show is going to suffer without Hunter and Mockingbird.

Hank: Honestly, I doubt the show will suffer. The original team is intact (well, except for Ward) and I think those are the characters most of us are invested in. Sadly, we will quickly forget all about Bobbi and Hunter. Until their spinoff premieres, anyway.

Robin: I don't think the show will suffer, though it may be a little less fun. Bobbi was much less angsty than the other female agents and just so very badass. Hunter, for all his faults, was consistently hilarious. Given the subject matter they're dealing with now and the loss of those two, I'm afraid that the show will lack some much needed levity for a while.

Caralynn: I'll miss Bobbi and her batons. Hunter, meh. I don't think the show will suffer because, again, I always preferred the OG SHIELD team. I don't have much faith in the spinoff, honestly, so I suspect they'll be back, depending on how long Agents of SHIELD stays on the air.

Kathleen: My primary concern is that there will be so many Marvel series/movies that they'll suffer from overexposure and the audience may well start suffering fatigue from all of it. While I'm not necessarily worried that Marvel's Most Wanted will be too similar to Agents of SHIELD, I do wonder whether Hunter and Bobbi might have been better off with, perhaps, a different format than a full-on spin-off series. I will definitely miss them both on Agents of SHIELD.

React to the team gathering for the spy’s goodbye.

Jim: Words can not express how sad I was, so I will let this collage of Mack's reaction speak for me.

Agents of SHIELD - Mack's Spy Goodbye S3E13

Hank: I confess that Mack's toast tugged at my heartstrings. The spy's goodbye was probably my favorite moment of the entire episode. It was definitely touching stuff.

Robin:  Yep, I got choked up. Between Mack and Coulson's faces, Bobbie's tears and Hunter's shaking hands, I was done for.

Caralynn: OH MY GOD, JIM. Mack's face destroyed me. That soft, melancholy instrumental music destroyed me. Badass Bobbi tearing up while looking at Mack destroyed me. Basically, that scene was fantastic because of how much it destroyed me.

Kathleen: Oh, Mack! How could you not be moved by that expression? It was such a beautiful, sad scene.

Malick keeps insisting that inhumans are essential and we know he’s working with Hive for (possibly) world domination. Is it possible that he might be an Inhuman, too?

Jim: I honestly doubt it. The man is too power hungry to _not_ use his abilities if he had any. I think Malick is just an insane megalomaniac genius who is going to be very tough to take down!

Hank: Nah, he is just the puppet master. That said, it stands to reason if he is a mere mortal Hive might ultimately kill him as well. Why would he help the Inhumans wipe out mankind and possibly die in the process? I assume he foolishly believes he is necessary to the cause. Let's hope Malick is not Inhuman, that would be too easy.

Robin: I haven't seen any reason to think that Malick is an Inhuman, but if he is, they've certainly covered that well. I think he's a mere mortal who has the political and manipulative acumen to rule the world alongside Hive.

Caralynn: I didn't even consider that Malick might be anything other than human. I don't get the sense that he is Inhuman either. I assume that, for some yet-undisclosed reason, he is (or THINKS he is) a necessary piece of the puzzle. I agree with Hank though; I get the sense that Hive will turn on Malick as soon as it becomes clear that Gideon is nonessential. Wouldn't it be cool if Malick is taken out and his newly introduced daughter (Haley from One Tree Hill!) winds up coming to the forefront as the bigger threat?

Kathleen: I'm with the rest of you. Malick just seems like a fanatic who believes that Inhumans are Ubermensch and destined to rule the world over the lesser, mere mortals.

What did you think of the mission and the episode were arranged? Was it effective?

Jim: I liked the use of the "flashback and current time combo" trope for this episode. Hunter spouting off a mushroom soup recipe at every turn was fairly brilliant.

Hank: It took some getting used to, but at least it was different for the series. Yes Jim, Hunter's nonsense was a highlight of the episode for me as well. I thought Peter Pan's shadow as a villain was lame. Overall, it was an entertaining hour and a decent sendoff for Bobbi and Hunter. If their series gets picked up, we'll probably see them again in crossover episodes.

Robin: I wasn't a fan of the episode's format, if I'm to be honest. The constant back and forth was a bit jarring, and I think it detracted a bit from the process that Bobbi and Hunter went through at the interrogation, and weight of the decision that ensued. That said, I'm definitely stocking up on chicken bouillon.

Caralynn: I actually liked the format. It was a cool change of pace, and seeing things look so dire in the flash forwards to present time (post-mission) injected a bit of tension to what was unraveling. I also liked Shadow General and I REALLY liked how Bobbi just ended up straight-up taking him down with a few bullets to the chest. It definitely showed that the situation with the Inhumans is getting a lot more serious and that Daisy's empathetic approach to Inhumans doesn't always work out.

Kathleen: As a sort of one-off, I liked it as a way to keep the format fresh. I wouldn't enjoy it so much if they did it every time, but I think it worked out pretty well in this case.

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