Blindspot Season 1 Episode 20 Review: Swift Hardhearted Stone

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Guys, Patterson flirted with someone in Blindspot Season 1 Episode 20. She really is moving on from David and is going to be OK. We can all breathe a big sigh of relief.

Patterson getting her flirt on wasn't all that happened (and we will discuss this in much, so much more detail). The case of the week was one of the most interesting (that didn't involve Rich Dotcom) in some time.

A little girl (Maya) was found covered in blood sketching one of Jane's tattoos. It turned out she was terrorist organization leader's daughter. She escaped after her mother was killed for supposedly speaking to an American journalist.

The team took her to Dr. Borden's cabin to wait until her grandmother was able to reunite with her.  The terrorist didn't kill Maya's mother for speaking to a journalist, but in fact, because of drawings which could identify members of the group.

Well, Maya was the artist of those drawings meaning that she was the true target. The terrorist showed up at the cabin right around the same time that Jane and Weller decided to casually go to the grocery store. Luckily, Patterson was along, as well.

She was able to MacGyver renovation tools into weapons and hold off the terrorist until Jane and Weller returned. Patterson's last act to stop the shootout? Blowing up the whole cabin.

Minutes earlier, Borden talked about all the work he had put into the cabin. Patterson blew it up in about 10 seconds. But don't worry. That didn't stop their flirting.

That's right, Patterson was flirting all over Borden, and he was flirting back just as hard. This was completely unexpected but amazing nonetheless.

During most of the cabin scenes, it looked like either one of them was going to die. I had a horrible feeling. and the editing of the show didn't help anything.

At one point, I literally said out loud that Borden was a goner. But he survived, so this could mean we will be getting more flirting from the two of them. Borden appears to be a big nerd just like Patterson, so I'm all for this pairing. Make it happen soon, please.

Weller and Jane are going to be a slow burn, so it will be nice to have a couple to root for and swoon over. And if Patterson is in a relationship, it will mean more Patterson scenes which are always a good thing.

Mayfair was also involved in some relationship drama. She almost bailed on Alex but luckily went to have drinks with her. I was so ready to see Mayfair flirty, as well. But then something crazy occurred.

Mayfair returned from getting ice, and Alex was dead on the floor. What?! Mayfair then got a phone call telling her to stop looking into Carter's disappearance, or she will be killed next. I guess Reade was right to believe that Sarah would be hurt if he stayed with her.

It can only be assumed that the organization Oscar/Jane are working with is the one killing and threatening people. But why did Reade just get threatened when he was in an actual relationship? Why did Mayfair's date (who she had only met one other time at this point) have to be killed?

This seemed extreme and bizarre. Something more needs to come out of Alex's death for it to make any sense.

Let's take a moment to talk about the editing of this episode. The last minute showed almost every character, and with the music rising, you knew something bad was going to happen. But because of the editing, you couldn't guess what that bad thing was. Plus, the editing and music during the cabin shootout was phenomenal.

A rundown of other thoughts and plot developments:

  • Is anyone else sick of Jane telling Oscar she can't trust him and then continuing to sleep with him and freak out when he says that he is no longer going to be her handler? Make up your mind, Jane.
  • Jane helped Oscar again by inserting some thumb drive to copy classified FBI files. Jane either needs to tell Weller what is going on or go full force in helping Oscar. Her innocence act is becoming tiring.
  • Why do the male and female FBI agents share the same locker room on this show?
  • Reade called Zapata out on looking into Carter's disappearance. He told her to stop immediately. She, of course, said no, she isn't just looking into Carter, she's looking into Mayfair, as well.
  • It almost becoming too predictable that whenever an agent from another governmental branch helps the team, they are actually the criminal or involved in whatever crime is being committed.

Are you as on board with Patterson and Dr. Borden as me? Do you wish Jane would just tell the FBI about Oscar and his organization at this point? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.

With only three episodes left, don't forget that you can always watch Blindspot online here.

Swift Hardhearted Stone Review

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Weller: I don’t think I would be the kind of dad I would like to be.
Jane: I think you would make a great dad. For what it’s worth.

Patterson: Yeah, I know that game. I can’t believe you know that game or that you like One Direction.
Doc: That was a joke.
Patterson: Oo ok, was it?