Chicago Fire Round Table: Will Dawson Foster Louie?

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Dawson made progress in her efforts to foster Louie on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 22 and Jimmy suffered a loss that could lead to some serious problems for himself and the house.

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Amy Perrin to discuss Dawson's chances, Jimmy's state of mind, and next week's season finale!

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Chicago Fire Round Table 1-27-15

What is Jimmy going to do? Did Boden make the right call to give Danny one more minute?

Amy: Obviously, Jimmy is grieving the loss of his brother, so of course he is looking to blame Boden. It was a very difficult decision, but I firmly believe that Boden made the right call. It looks like Jimmy is going to take legal action against Boden, which stinks.

Elizabeth: God, I'm so glad that people in real life don't constantly have these extreme delusional reactions to loss. I want to say that Boden made the right call, but I also don't really think it matters. Danny would have stayed in even if Boden had ordered him out, so it's a moot point.

Stacy: I also think Danny would have stayed in either way, but in Jimmy's grief-stricken mind he's not seeing that. My hope is that Severide or someone will get through to him before he takes this vendetta too far.

Will Dawson end up fostering Louie, and if so, will she do it alone or with Casey?

Amy: I think she stands a really good chance of fostering Louie. They clearly have formed a strong connection, which is huge. Based on Casey's recommendation to DCFS, I think he would like to be involved. Dawson would be stupid to not allow him to be.

Elizabeth: Well, her chances would probably be better if she was married (hint hint). But since this is the land of TV, where you can be approved as a foster parent in under a month, I figure she'll get Louie. If she ever wants to marry Matt and for them all to be a family, it would be a good idea to involve him from the start so he and Louie can bond.

Stacy: It is looking pretty promising for her to get him, but I agree that marrying Casey will help the process. He was reluctant at first, but I think he'll get on board.

Will Grant come between Kidd and Severide?

Amy: Grant certainly wants Kidd back, but hopefully she is smart enough not to go back to him. Grant is a mess, whereas Severide has his act together.

Elizabeth: I don't think Grant will come between them per se, but I could see where Kidd's ongoing concern for him and unwillingness to cut him out of her life could be a problem.

Stacy: Severide has had such bad luck with women and has been hurt before, so I can see why he's holding back with Kidd. She needs to let Grant go once and for all and embrace Severide, because they make a good couple.

What are your hopes for the season finale?

Amy: I hope that Child Services places Louie with Dawson and Casey. I hope that Kidd tells Grant it is over and to move on once and for all. I also hope that Boden does not lose his job.

Elizabeth: A wedding. I just want Gabby and Matt to get married and be done with it. This relationship limbo they're in is getting old.

Stacy: I'd like to have a happy ending where no one's life is left hanging in the balance. Ending the season with Dawson getting Louie would be great. I also hope the Boden/Jimmy thing doesn't wind up being a huge thing.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Amy: I liked it when the gang at 51 were messing with Otis about him being replaced by Ferguson, and that Connie handpicked him. Seeing Otis squirming, and trying to win Connie over by taking her out to the theater was funny. I also liked the reunion of Dawson and Louie, it was so sweet.

Elizabeth: Every scene with Louie. That is one seriously cute kid. How can a three year old act that well?

Stacy: Louie really is adorable, but since you guys covered him, I'll go with Dawson finding out that Casey got her the meeting and then thanking him at the end. These two have such a great relationship. It really is time for them to get married.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Mouch: See what I heard when they said medical leave was four weeks paid vacation.
Kidd: Yeah shouldn't you be on a single's tour of Middle Earth or something?

Antonio: You either go get her and make this right for good, or you leave her the hell alone.
Casey: You want to intimidate someone, Antonio, take it back to the 21st. If you're just giving advice then I can tell you, I don't want it.