Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Sotto Voce

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POI team… assemble!

Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 9 delivered such a satisfying ending as the core good guys were able to finally come together.

Fusco is no longer in the dark about the truth, and Shaw’s long journey home is over.

The Voice - Person of Interest

It was such an emotional moment, especially because of what the characters have been through so far, but also because it means this particular justice league of superheroes will be heading off to face Samaritan as a team.

Whether they all make it out alive is another story, but it was a gratifying moment getting to see them all together again.

And there was the very real possibility that Shaw might not have been with the group during the closing moments of the hour.

Again, she was ready to kill herself, simulation or not, and we got another emotional scene between Shaw and Root. Yes, we’d technically seen something similar before (and Shaw’s been through various scenarios like it thousands of times), but Root was willing to change the game on Shaw by risking her own life this time.

Shaw may not be back to 100 percent, but she’s at least now home with people who care about her. And that especially goes for Root, who was able to bring her back from the edge.

At the same time, Reese and Fusco had been on the outs, and they, too, were able to reunite.

Fusco’s frustration was certainly warranted, but it was great to see the two of them have to partner back up during the siege on the precinct. Those two are definitely great buddies, and it was fun seeing them working together.

Plus, how bad-ass was it during the slow-mo scene of them firing on the gang members?

Fusco even took a bullet for Reese.

I had a feeling Fusco was finally going to be let in on the big secret, but I was glad that it was Reese who insisted that it be done. He trusts Fusco, and it was a moment we’ve been waiting to see for a while now.

Though it was funny seeing Fusco get upset when Reese chucked his phone off the roof before telling him.

It also was a nice change of pace that Samaritan wasn’t the main focus of the episode.

Instead, a former enemy in “the voice,” which Finch and Reese dealt with on Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 15, was brought back.

I didn’t really like that previous episode, and I would have been perfectly fine if the voice drifted off into obscurity, but I did like getting that callback and some closure to that particular story for this recent episode.

Plus, there were some nice twists surrounding the voice’s objectives, even if it was obvious which cop was the one who let the gang members out.

But the voice also brought Finch and Elias together, and it was good to see Elias get a chance to be out and about, doing what he does best.

I mean, like Elias mentioned, Finch had to know Elias would do something like blow up the car.

It was just interesting seeing that Finch was essentially willing to let the voice be killed.

But does that mean Elias was able to repay his debt? That can’t be the last of his work with the POI team, right?

After all, while it’s great we finally got the team all together, they may just need Elias one more time in their fight against Samaritan.

It’s not going to be an easy battle in this final episodes, but you can just feel things gearing up for the end, and I’m excited to see how it all goes down.

Are you glad Reese told Fusco? How excited were you to see Shaw back? Sound off below, and make sure to watch Person of Interest online before to catch up before it all ends!

NOTE: Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 10, "The Day the World Went Away," airs May 31 at 10 p.m.

Sotto Voce Review

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