Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Who Do The Liars Murder?!?

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Pretty Little Liars is finally back!

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1, our favorite young heroines battled to save Hanna, but they didn't quite win. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruyman and Rachel Miller are joined by super fan, Meagan.  Join in as they discuss Hanna's fate, Mary's presence and other true motives...

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Is Hanna now out of danger?

Jay: Is anyone in Rosewood ever out of danger? I think she may be in more danger than before. We don't know anything about Mary and her capabilities.

Rachel: Nope! Mary just so happen to be near the area Hanna was escaping from. We all know there aren’t any coincidences in Rosewood. Mary could in fact be the one Hanna should be afraid of.

Meaghan: I hope! Hanna has been put through more than any of the Liars. The girl can't catch a break! I do think Mary is currently coming across as more of a threat than she really is though. 

What did you think of Mary buying the motel?

Jay: Why do all roads have to lead back to the damn Lost Woods? What possible reason could Mary have for buying it? Is the old creepy owner one of those ex-lovers she mentioned?

Rachel: Out of all the places to purchase, Mary chose Lost Woods. Why? I just want to know what’s so special about the Lost Woods Resorts and why does it seem to keep popping back up? What the heck happened there that made Mary buy that creepy place?

Meaghan: A.D. had to get into the Lost Woods to get Hanna somehow, and I bet whatever what A.D. got in is the reason Mary is interested in it. Seems like there are a lot of hidden tunnels in the PLL universe that are significant.

What does Mary really want with the Hastings?

Jay: I'm going to follow my gut. I'm hoping the writers pay some homage to the twin story in the books. So maybe, at some point, the real Mary forcefully traded places with Jessica to take her life, and this is Jessica who has now gone crazy. Which could possibly mean this person had an affair with Peter Hastings and conceived Jason. Wasn't it convenient that her ex-lovers happened in the Hastings' house?

Rachel: I agree with Jay. I hope they go with the twin switcheroo like in the PLL books. I’m assuming something happened between Mary and the Hastings. If Mary has been around Spencer in her younger years, why hasn’t Peter or Veronica mentioned anything? What is really going on with the eerie connection between the DiLaurentis/Hastings and now Drake family?

Meaghan: I'm really hoping this is paying homage to the books in a different way. I've been big on Spencer having a twin for years now and after the Spencer and Hanna scene I have a renewed home. I'm hoping that we will get to explore Spencer not being full blood Hastings and that Mary is really her mom and her and the Hastings split the twins up in a Parent Trap kind of way.

What do you thinks going to happen now that A thinks Ali is the murderer?

Jay: Ali is going to be in grave danger, and the girls are going to realize they messed up again and have to protect their friend. After all they've done for her, they risk her life. Yet again. I don't believe Ali is capable of murder, even if Charlotte provoked her.

Rachel: It seems like deep down, none of the Liars think Ali has changed her mean girl ways. The fact that they pointed the finger at Ali for being Charlotte’s murderer is going to cause major problems. Like Jay said, they’re going to realize they made a mistake when it’s entirely too late.

Meaghan: I'm hoping that Ali will be too busy being tortured by Rollins but I don't think she will be so lucky. Ali is in a very vulnerable place right now and the Liars might have just sealed her fate. 

Do you think this should be the final season?

Jay: Ask me in a few episodes...

Rachel: I hope so. I think PLL has ran its course and it’s time to give the fans much needed answers and closure. It’s been six years already.

Meaghan: Yes. Hands down. Like Rachel said, the show has run its course. They can't keep dragging this out. They need to give us all our answers and lay this show to rest.

Grade the premiere.

Jay: I want to give it an A, but I'm disappointed. They promised Season 7 was the season of answers, but instead, we just got more damn questions. Did Ali kill Charlotte? Who is Mary Drake? What does it all mean? Who is Elliot? And those Hanna torture scenes were too awful for me to watch, why does she suffer the most? Wasn't being tortured one in the dollhouse, framed for murder, her mother framed for murder, and being hit by a car enough? I think I'll go with a C+.

Rachel: I’ll give it a B-. It was great, but like Jay said, it once again gave us more questions than answers. It would be nice to finish a few storylines before we’re introduced to more characters that as opposed more mind-boggling questions.

Meaghan: B but I'm being generous. This didn't feel like a complete episode. It didn't help that my DVR tricked me by saying it was 2 hours long. Everything just felt so unresolved and being the premiere I would've at least hoped we would've gotten a solid answer to something, anything. I do have hope for this season though because the tone of this episode was such a step up from seasons past.

What did you think of the premiere? 

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Alison’s not the only one seeing ghosts tonight.


Emily: There must be another way.
Spencer: There is no other way, Emily. It was a well thought out plan, but when it ends like this it’s called first degree murder.