Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Judgment

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Well, she said way back in Season 1 that she knew how to clean up a mess, and in Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 Episode 7, Mary showed that she knows how to make a mess, too. 

In the most thrilling episode of the season so far, Mary hatched a plan to kill Simcoe all on her own.

She saw him nearly execute her husband and use him as bait for Robert Rogers at the start of the episode, but it was the threat to her son Thomas that forced her to take matters into her own hands.

Mary's got a gun - Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 Episode 7

Rogers wasn’t in this episode, but it felt like he was, right? How many times did the characters say “Robert Rogers”? Did any of you make a drinking game out of it?

Rogers is probably going through Philomena’s trash in New York by now, but he’s being blamed for every misdeed in Setauket.

Abe names him as Culper and reveals “Culper’s” bunker (I guess that’s not technically a lie.) Rogers is also supposedly shooting at Queen’s Rangers in the forest and by Abe’s cabin as well as going on a killing spree at Whitehall.

Oh, that last one? That was all Mary. Remember when she was target shooting at melons a couple of episodes ago?

Turns out she was imagining Simcoe’s head the entire time. And what a shot! She hit her target; well, some of her target. (Mike Tyson couldn’t have done it better, Mary!)

That wasn’t even the most shocking part of the episode, as Mary then brutally took out the Queen’s Ranger who got in her way. (Just what the real Rogers would have done.)

My favorite part: When we realize Caleb is outside the house, looking on in disbelief and admiration at Mrs. Woodhull’s swift attack and cover-up.

She's got 'em running around in circles.


Mary races upstairs, rips off her clothes and jumps into her alibi bath. Before she can catch her breath, a ghost bursts into her room. She is barely able to speak in her state of shock – he’s supposed to be dead! 

Aren’t you going to ask me if I’m all right?


That is the moment Simcoe realizes that he’s underestimated Mrs. Woodhull. 

In Washington’s Camp, Major Ben Tallmadge discovers a familiar prisoner has been brought in.

It’s the lonely widow Sarah, who swore she’d never lay (eyes on) Ben again.

But she saved his life that night in New Jersey, and Ben feels obligated to do the same for her, offering her a chance to leave as long as she spies for the Continental Army.

By letting you go I am all but committing treason


All she has to do is sign on the dotted line. 

She refuses, reiterating her loyalty to the crown (or more like her hatred for the Patriots).

Later, another soldier tries to rape Sarah and they fight over his gun.

The shot can be heard throughout the camp. Poor Sarah. Ben was literally the only Patriot who was ever kind to her.

I was really hoping the Ben/Sarah storyline would last more than one episode, and that they both would be alive at the end of the episode(s).

But alas, Sarah is dead. Simcoe is alive. War is so cruel!

Let’s head to Philly, where Peggy and her fiance, Gen. Benedict Arnold, are each dealing with a crisis.

Hers is personal, as she gets confirmation from Abigail about Andre’s betrayal in New York.

I didn’t feel sorry for her last week at the prom when she was left in tears, and the additional waterworks this week didn’t change my feelings.

Although the producers tried really hard to tug at my heartstrings – a roaring fire, violins, a sobbing debutante alone in her misery. Are my heartstrings just out of tune?

It’s fun to watch her manipulate every situation to her advantage, but I can’t feel bad for her when the espionage game she chose to play proves too much. Didn’t she agree to Andre’s outrageous plan in the first place?

Do any of you feel bad for her? (Or for Andre, for that matter. Quit sulking, already! And grow back that tiny braid!)

Despite her inner turmoil, Peggy was still able to help out with her fiance’s work crisis: the court-martial.

She told him to keep a lid on his anger and say “our country” to show his loyalty.

Loyalty makes the man


Excellent advice, Peggy!

Court Martial - Turn: Washington's Spies

I was pleasantly surprised that Gen. Arnold was actually likeable when he was among his colleagues during the court-martial. He answered every charge logically; he was calm, in control and at one point he called the proceedings:

This vile prostitution of power

Benedict Arnold

He was on a roll! I wish Gen. Arnold comported himself this way during his time with Peggy, instead of acting like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum all the time.

When he was let off with only a reprimand, he looked so relieved, I thought, “Maybe he won’t do it.”

But we know how this ends! It’s not a secret. No one has named their son Benedict in this country for 240 years because of this man.

But, maybe he doesn’t, right?

So that question didn’t linger very long, as Benedict soon learned that his bankrupt country would be unable to reimburse him for his service for the last four years.

Of course. It was always about the money! So much for honor. Honor is not going to keep Peggy in the high roll in which she has become accustomed.

In the final scene, after he burned his court record, Benedict Arnold’s face is literally surrounded by fire. Ha! There’s no going back now.

What did you think of this episode?

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  • It pains me to write this, but this was my favorite episode despite the absence of my favorite badass spy Robert Townsend.
  • Kudos to Meegan Warner (Mary) and Samuel Roukin (Simcoe). Outstanding performances!
  • My favorite quote from this episode didn’t make into the review. Judge Woodhull to Mary: “I don’t know what vapors have gotten ahold of you, but this is important!”
  • Speaking of the Judge: Of course he has no spine, but at least he realizes it’s time to get little Thomas the hell out of Setauket, with or without him.
  • Does Abe know that his wife is a much better spy than him?

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By letting you go I am all but committing treason


Loyalty makes the man