The Walking Dead Season 7: First Photo!

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Entertainment Weekly has given us our first look at The Walking Dead Season 7.

No, however, this look does not reveal the identity of Negan's victim.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Pic

Instead, it simply reveals Negan himself, strutting around with his beloved bat, seemingly taunting his captives.

As loyal viewers know by now, of course, The Walking Dead Season 6 concluded with Negan swinging this weapon into the head of one of the show's beloved heroes or heroines.

But the screen cut to black before we learned just who will no longer be with us on The Walking Dead Season 7.

Will we learn who the victim was early on this fall?

“Yes, who was at the receiving end of Negan’s bat will be revealed in the first episode,” executive producer Greg Nicotero, who directed both the season 6 finale and the season 7 premiere, tells EW.

Nicotero also says that Jeffrey Dean Morgan - who will be a series regular when the drama returns - has plenty more big speeches to come later this year.

 “Negan is that kind of guy,” the producer previews.

“He’s the kind of guy who imagines himself on stage at a high school production and he loves every second of it. So, I don’t really see a lot of quiet contemplative moments with Negan.

"I feel like with Negan it’s really going to be about him gesticulating and him sort of relishing in the sound of his own voice while he commands the stage in front of whoever’s alive.”

It is now our duty to ask: Who do you think Negan killed off to end last season?

Go watch The Walking Dead online to relive that scary closing scene and let the theories fly below!

As for our take on Season 6?

Click through the following photo gallery to what we loved, what we hated and what we'd change if we could:

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