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Who didn't make it out alive?

That was the main question on Scream Season 2 Episode 10 when the killer struck again, but pinned it against someone.

Meanwhile on this MTV drama, Maggie and Sheriff Acosta struggle to keep secrets from the past hidden, but who is the one tormenting them for the answers?

Also, Noah's feelings for Zoe were used against him in a horrible way, but by who?

Use the video above to watch Scream online to get up to date with one of the craziest episodes of the entire series.

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Scream Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Emma: Why did you hate me?
Audrey: You broke my heart! I loved you, okay, and you broke my heart. The worst part is, you didn't even know you were doing it.

Killer: Don't you know the rules? Now that you and Zoe have had sex, you're both on the slasher chopping block. You know how that goes.
Noah: You need to update your genre references. That's a pretty outdated way of thinking.