Power Season 3 Episode 10 Review: In My Best Interest

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Well, I've seen it all now. 

The central part of the first episode of the series revolves around Angela and Ghost reconnecting at Truth after years and years of estrangement. And Power Season 3 Episode 10 ends with Angela putting Ghost in handcuffs, charged with a crime he didn't commit. Yes, you read that right. 

Was this the ending you had envisioned? Did the right people die? I have my thoughts and I can't wait to hear all of yours. 

Party Of a Lifetime - Power

This episode was heavy on the Greg Knox and I'm only okay with that because it was his swan song. I knew Greg wouldn't make it out of this season alive, but he nearly met death once, only to be shot again in the neck and actually die this time. That's a rough way to go. 

I almost fucking died because of you.

Knox [to Sandoval]

Knox was almost competent this week, getting the tape off Ruiz and trying to piece together the puzzle. But he was once again blinded by his heartbreak/hatred and still tried to pin everything on Angela. Did he forget that on Power Season 3 Episode 9 he literally saw Sandoval shadily leaving Hugo's apartment! 

I know for the sake of this show, the Angela's and Greg's of the world can't be great at their jobs, but sometimes they really push my nerves. Or maybe it's just because I can see how obvious it is that Sandoval is the mole that it makes me so angry that no one else even remotely sees it when it's right in front of their faces!

I'm beginning to think those type of things are what's losing me as a viewer. This season has been so scattered and unbelievable and just not the Power of yesteryear. Like why did Knox think Sandoval was just going to be okay with him arresting him? Um, hello? 

That entire scene was frustrating and I'm not even a Greg fan. 

Another thing I'm not a fan of, have never been a fan of and will never be a fan of is Kanan. He should have died like he was supposed to and we all would have been spared from watching this awful arc with him and Tariq.

While I was right about Greg's death, I was wrong about Tariq's. Turns out Kanan sort of has a heart now and just wants to use Tariq to help him rob Ghost and his rich friends.

Um, what? This is the big grand plan now? Good thing LaVerne popped up to remind him that he's supposed to be a badass. 

I will say though, I am excited that SOMEONE besides annoying Dre finally knows Kanan is alive. Hallelujah. 

Ghost: What she is is no longer my girlfriend anymore, okay?
Proctor: So you fucked that up, too? Yo, maybe you can just start a group text to keep us all informed of your fuck ups.

This may be my favorite Power quote of all time because Proctor is all of us. Ghost has been a disaster all season, it's like Angela's foolishness rubbed off on him or something. He has been reckless and completely off his game, that's why it absolutely shocked me to see one of his plans finally work out for a change. 

Milan's death was inevitable, but the way it came about was fun, with Dre and Tasha playing crucial roles. Real question though, how in the world did no one in that crowded club see any of those guns? I mean, come on now Power...

Anyway, it looks like Tommy is the new connect. And he's still bitter as anything, so I'm expecting another angst filled season from Mr. Egan. 

So, we leave this season down Holly, Ruiz, Lobos, Milan and Knox. And we have Ghost in jail, Tariq kidnapped and Tommy the unofficial biggest drug dealer in New York City. Good thing we have about ten months to process all that. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Keisha is still missing. I hope they address that in the future!
  • You know this season was weird when Ghost and Tasha currently have the most "stable" relationship on the show. That being said, I partly blame her for EVERYTHING that transpired these past two weeks because if she hadn't opened her mouth to Tommy, he would have never killed Ruiz and Ghost wouldn't be in jail.
  • The deaths were really intense this year, but Holly's was the most gruesome by far. 
  • My own little opinion of the season as a whole? I'm going to go with slightly subpar. Still love this show, but I was disappointed overall with the way things played out. I think the Power Gods have done a good job of knowing when a character has reached their expiration date, but they've failed to coalesce all the essential characters into the core storylines and are still to reliant on minor characters and arcs that just aren't what make the show great. I have no idea how this season is being received outside of what I see in the comments, but I have high hopes that season four will correct things and return to the must see hit it's always been.

You've got one last time to lay out your thoughts in the comments and let me know what you thought about the finale and the season overall! I've loved reading your thoughts and I thank you all for stopping by and reading each week!

Another season has ended but you can always watch Power online via TV Fanatic! Happy watching!

In My Best Interest Review

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Power Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I have some bad news. We can not kill Ghost.

Milan [to Tommy]

You don't trust me? I'll protect you because it's in my own best interest. You can trust that.

Angela [to Ghost]