No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 3 Review: No Doubt

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No Tomorrow reached an intense peak, with Evie questioning Xavier's sanity when his need to tell people about the apocalypse got too big.

But No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 3 also reminded us that the characters we don't see as often as Evie and Xavier are just as captivating, if not more.

Evie Questions Xavier's Sanity - No Tomorrow

This episode reminded me once again why I can't get invested in Evie/Xavier and probably never will.

Stand back Evie. I'm diving deep and you don't want get hit with the backsplash.


Who else is getting tired of Xavier?

Look, I understand the way he is creating this change in Evie and all the people in her life, but it feels like chewing the same gum over and over again with this apocalypse theory.

Evie and Xavier keep coming back to their fights because at the root of it, they won't work unless one of them gives in.

It's tiring to watch this back and forth because it's hard to trust Xavier fully, and it's hard to understand how Evie can't make a decision. She clearly realizes that she doesn't know Xavier well enough, but each time, she forgives him, and it's like they start all over in honeymoon bliss.

At this point on the show, I'm wondering what would happen if they were took some time to get on one page because you have to be invested in a couple to be able to watch their arguments and care about the outcome.

Do you think Xavier is crazy?


Deirdre and Hank, on the other hand, never fail to disappoint.

Watching Deirdre hit on Hank while not breaking the restrictions that come from her being his boss is both amazing and hilarious.

I was rooting for them to get together after that trivia night connection, but Hank having a secret internet girlfriend came off much better than just having the two of them get together. 

And on top of that, there was the fact that Hank had an eargasm from Deirdre saying she had to go to the bathroom.

I have no clue how those two would look together, but it would be worth the confusion. 

Hopefully I'm not the only one who kind of can't wait to meet Hank's internet girlfriend and watch him figure out what to do with his new feelings towards his boss.

Hank is a character that I can't help wanting to see more of, especially when it comes to his friendships with the others; Timothy and Hank specifically, as they have a friendship that's comfortable to watch.

And Timothy himself is someone I didn't think I would get attached to because he was given a role that usually disappears once the leading couple gets together. Timothy is very relatable and could have a story of his own that would be great to watch.

Kareema was always around but not really, so having her be the one behind the shipping misplacements was very creative. We got a nice insight into Kareema's way of thinking, which I doubt will take away from her memorable one liners.

But Kareema was another example of a character that doesn't take top priority but shines when we get even a small glimpse of her way of thinking.

Kareema, Hank and Timothy all deserve to be a bigger part of the story, if only for their standout performances against their predictable leading counterparts. 

Hank: You shouldn't have
Deirdre: And yet I did.

Xavier trying to prove his theory was probably a step in the right direction, but the more people that doubt him, the more I do. It doesn't seem like we are supposed to be sold on the theory, probably because that's not the general idea on the show, but it still always comes back to the forefront. 

We won't find out the truth for now, but that holds significance in the way we look at everything as a whole.

But the other side of Xavier's theory is him changing the way other's see the world. It's wonderful to see each character take Xavier's words and change the way they live their life. 

Everyone in Evie's life is creating their own future, doing something they might not have if they didn't hear Xavier's advice. But did it have to come from him?

I'm sure if Evie said it or if any of them went online, they would have seen one of those inspirational quotes that says to live each day like it's your last.

Googling inspirational quotes takes about a second and then they are left with more choices than Xavier could ever suggest. I get his purpose, but then he does something, and I seem to forget.

What did you think of Xavier and Evie trying to spread the world about the asteroid? Are you hoping the end of the world is coming or for it all to be a lie? Did Timothy win over your heart, or do you need to see him do some more pull ups with a tree branch? 

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No Doubt Review

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Stand back Evie. I'm diving deep and you don't want get hit with the backsplash.


Do you think Xavier is crazy?