Pitch Round Table: When It Rains It Pours!

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There was so much angst and fun to be found on Pitch Season 1 Episode 8

A rain delay had everyone on edge, but no one more than Mike who was forced to reevaluate his position on the team, and contemplate whether or not it was worth his while to stay. Ginny's brother returned and tensions were high between Will and Amelia. And a Padre (or maybe two) revealed that they might just have a thing for our favorite Pitcher. 

Join TV Fanatics Christine Laskodi, Allison Nichols and Jim Garner as they discuss Will's return, Mike's decision, and Oscar's secret rendezvous with Natalie, Al's daughter. They'll also rate the hilarious Mike and Omar scene, and tell us who they think is the MVP of the episode.

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Despite having a "no-trade" clause, Mike agreed to go to Chicago. Discuss.

Christine: I think it was a combination of things. He knew they were pushing him out and wanted to make a decision on his own terms, but I think he also realized while talking to Omar that he might have feelings for Ginny, and he needed to run away from that in order to focus on his game.

Allison: I completely agree with Christine. It's a mixture of things. Mike wants to be valued and not constantly fighting for his job. He also doesn't want this decision made for him, and as Omar made him see, Mike's developing feelings for Ginny, and he's choosing to run away from them.

Jim: Christine and Allison nailed it. Mike realized he has feeling for Ginny and doesn't want to face them OR he does, but doesn't want to do it in a way that would put her, him, or the team at risk.

What were your thoughts on Will Baker's return?

Christine: Why did they have to make him such a over-the-top scammer? Ginny's life is complicated enough. Does he brother really need to have so much drama attached to him? That part actually made me mad. Amelia forced Will out years ago, and there was a better story there than the one they gave him.

Allison: I didn't like that he was a scammer either. It's unnecessary drama. Why can't he just be a good guy who wants to support his sister? I mean we desperately needed brother drama, then he could have been studying up on being a manager, and he could come for Amelia's job. I feel like that's a much better story.

Jim: Am I the only one who feels like the writer forgot that she had a brother in the pilot and suddenly went "Oh crap, cover it by doing flashbacks"? I'm ok with him being a dirt-bag-money-grabbing-douche, its an old trope, but still works. I just feel like he got forgotten and now they are scrambling to fix it.

Do you think Amelia goes over the line with her protectiveness of Ginny? Do you think she crossed a line with how she handled Will?

Christine: Ugh. I hate this story because I wish it was different! But it is what it is. Amelia is protecting Ginny for her future. Ginny would always want to bail Will out, and his scandals would become distractions, and ultimately, her scandals as well. I get it. In that way, Amelia is doing what's best for Ginny, and I respect that.

Allison: Amelia is doing what is best for Ginny. She's doing her job. I don't think she crossed a line. Amelia knows how this will affect Ginny, and Amelia cares for her. She's protecting her client and her friend.

Jim: I've never had an Agent, but I'm familiar enough with them to know they try and protect their clients, even from family when needed. Given that Ginny has called Amelia in the middle of the night to have her come over for a panic attack, I don't think trying to keep her dirt-bag brother away during the first few games is really going over the line.

What did you think about Oscar's secret relationship with Al's daughter Natalie (played by the amazing Sarah Shahi)?

Christine: Am I the only one who just doesn't care about Oscar? I feel like every week they try to give me a reason to like him, and every week I still feel fairweather about him. I wasn't very interested in their relationship at all. I even forgot she was Al's daughter during their scenes!

Allison: I'm happy that Sarah Shahi is back on my TV. That's the only nice thing I can say about this storyline. I don't find Oscar's personal life interesting. Let's just focus on him doing his job.

Jim: I can appreciate that they are trying to give Oscar some back-story. The conversation with Al about how he use to come over for dinner gave us a glimpse. The secret relationship with Natalie was another piece of it. The problem is, Oscar rose in the ranks and is now above Al and the team, and it's just comes across as boring to see him try and feel bad for being successful. Now, if Oscar was to be demoted down to the team level somehow and was struggling to find his place again.. THAT would make his story interesting.

Poor Omar thought he was in love with Ginny. On a scale of 1-10 how much did you love Mike and Blip shutting him down?

Christine: 10. Favorite scene of the episode! Mike rattling off every trivial fact that he knows about Ginny was not only funny but it hinted at the fact that he knows maybe a *little* too much about her.

Allison: 10! It was a hilarious scene. I loved the fact that Mike had an "office," and the moment when Omar and Blip realized that Mike knows a bit too much about Ginny was perfection.

Jim: 10! As mentioned above, it was hilarious. And when Mike realized how much he knew about Ginny it brought it around to be funny again, but in a much more awkward way.

What do you hope to see in the final episodes of the season?

Christine: I hope Livan steps in and tries to help Mike. I think there's an interesting dynamic there, and the more I see Livan, the more I think he has redeemable qualities that we haven't seen yet.

Allison: I still can't believe the season is almost over. I definitely want to see more of Livan because he has potential to be a great character that has interesting relationship with Mike and Ginny, in particular. I also want to see more of Evelyn and Blip because I love them. Their relationship is one of my favorites, and I love their dynamic with Ginny.

Jim: How is this season only 10 episodes long? I'm SHOCKED! As for what I expect, I think Mike WILL go to Chicago, but he will end up back at the Padre's the beginning of next season (both baseball and TV show) having been on Chicago when they won, which will add a whole extra layer to his character.

Who was the MVP of the episode and why?

Christine: Mike. His scared-toughness, even in the face of being forced out, is so well-done. Mark Paul Gosselaar is so phenomenal in this role. He plays Mike so perfectly it makes me want to cry, like, weekly.

Allison: I'm going to give it to Blip. He knew that Mike was struggling, as was the team, and Blip knew that they needed each other. Blip pushed Mike into holding kangaroo court. Blip needs to be recognized for the great friend that he is.

Jim: It's tough this week, but in the end, I have to go with Mike as well. He really is the glue that holds so much of this team together and if (when) he leaves this team is going to struggle to recover badly!

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