Queen Sugar Round Table: Did Charley Go Too Far?

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Calvin returned to see Nova, Charley considered buying a mill and resorted to blackmail to get it done, and Hollywood gave up on Violet on Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 12.

With only one more episode left, our TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Lee Jutton, and Christine Orlando, debate all of these issues and more from “Far Too Long.” Join in the conversation!

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Do you want Nova and Calvin to get back together?

Jasmine: Ehhhhhhh. I don't really know how I feel about this. The only issue I initially had with them was the fact that he was married. They have such an interesting chemistry and dynamic. I kind of hate the fact that I find them so damn intriguing, but I do. I just really want to know what it is about him?

He's been sort of vacant for half the season, but they still end up in each other's orbit. Did he really leave his wife or is he just saying that? Why did it take him so long when this has been ongoing for years? Why can't Nova just focus on her family and the farm right now? My Novin feels are all jumbled up right now.

Lee: I am reluctant to believe that he has actually left his wife. If he has, then I don't see why they can't try to give it a shot. However, part of me wonders if one of the main reasons why their relationship worked before was because it was forbidden and secret. Nova and Calvin definitely have chemistry, that's for sure.

But will they still be so hot for each other now that they are allowed to be so in public, or will the mystique of their relationship disappear now that they can seemingly date like normal people? When it comes down to it, the two of them are so fundamentally different that I'm not sure if it would actually work as something more than secret sex, but they may as well try.

Christine: Wow! I guess I’m the only one that took Calvin saying he left his wife at face value. There is something between these two that continues to draw them together. I’m really intrigued to see where this relationship goes because I have no doubt it will be filled with complications and drama. 

Did Charley go too far blackmailing Lena and lying to Davis about Micah? Will the end justify the means?

Jasmine: Charley is what I call “chill deficient.” Not a single damn is given when that ruthless streak of her’s rears its head. She went too far. I don't have it in me to do what she does, but maybe it's effective. I don't have to like it, but part of me respects the fact that she knows how to play.

Lee: Watching Charley blackmail Lena, I couldn't help but be in awe despite the fact that her behavior was pretty despicable. She is so good at what she does that I admire her even when she's crossing all of the lines and then some. I hope the end will justify the means, mostly so I can feel less guilty about thinking that she's a total badass.  

Christine: Damn, I was both appalled and impressed with how Charley handled Lena. Don’t cross Charley! The bigger problem I had was when she used Micah to get Davis to come to Louisiana. As a parent, making him think there was something wrong with his son felt all kinds of wrong to me. 

Charley and Remy Are All Smiles - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 12

Who has the better plan to get the harvest to mill, Ralph Angel or Charley?

Jasmine: Ralph Angel. They are on borrowed time and this guy is dealing with the bulk of the day to day work. It's not the time or the place to gamble or go big. I liked that he was being more realistic and practical.

Lee: I agree with Jasmine. Ralph Angel is the one dealing with the farm on a regular basis and is more aware of what is practical from a farmer's perspective. Charley is all business, but sometimes what works in the ledger book doesn't work out in real life.

Christine: For this harvest, definitely Ralph Angel’s. Getting that mill up and running will take months and I’m sure the Landry’s and Boudreaux’s will try to block them at every turn. Right now, their most important goal is to get their crop to the mill, or else they really will lose everything. 

Did Hollywood overreact to seeing Vi dancing with another man?

Jasmine: I think after she stormed out the house and threw out homemade macaroni and cheese, it was perfectly reasonable that the dancing got to him. Can we have a moment of silence for that cheesy goodness? That was the real victim in this mess. It was still salvageable! I'm still rooting for those two. I refuse to give up on them.

Lee: I think they both overreacted in both situations. I found this entire storyline incredibly frustrating, mostly because I think they're perfect for each other and hate seeing things come between them. I just want them to work it out over a plate of mac and cheese! 

Christine: Jasmine, you are so right about the moment of silence for that homemade mac and cheese! The moment she threw it in the trash I yelled, “Oh no she didn’t!” But I agree that they both overreacted, mostly because they aren’t communicating with one another.

I kept expecting Ralph Angel to spill the beans about the divorce. If he does it now, Hollywood will already be back on the rig which will only create more distance. 

Violet and Hollywood - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 12

What was your favorite scene from “Far Too Long”?

Jasmine: I actually enjoyed the question and answer with Nova. I really liked how she laid out what it is she's advocating for, and addressed any criticism, misgivings, and misperceptions about what it is she and other real activists are trying to do. It was honest, but also fair. I loved how she broke down that it's not so black and white. Literally.

Lee: I loved watching Charley go from sweet-talking lady who lunches to cold-hearted blackmailer over drinks with Lena. I can't help it; I'm terrible person.  

Christine: Then I’m terrible too, Lee, because Charley blew me away in that scene. The only thing I hated was that she blew Remy off to do it. Let’s face, the man did look fine, and he brought flowers too. 

What do you hope to see in the season finale?

Jasmine: I want to see the Bordelon siblings actually working together! I love them to pieces but I can probably count on one hand the amount of times they have actually been on the same page and faced issues as a unit. I want to see them succeed.

Lee: I want to see the Bordelon siblings truly unite and take down the Landrys and Boudreaux by whatever means necessary. 

Christine: Yeah, we’re all on the same page here. It would be wonderful to see Charley, Ralph Angel, and Nova all devise and execute a plan together…and win!

Check back next Wednesday for our review of the season finale, Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 13, and if you can’t wait for more, you can watch Queen Sugar online at TV Fanatic. 

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