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They picked the wrong patsy!

Bob Lee Swagger is not to be trifled with and he finally got to show off a bit of his skills on Shooter Season 1 Episode 2. Badass Bob Lee Swagger is not going down without a fight, and if he has to take a few people out and expose others, he's going to do it.

The ball finally got rolling in the second installment of the series, once the pilotitis was out out of the way. It even gave us some of the very much appreciated action that I was desperately craving. 

Let's get to it! 

Protecting His Family - Shooter

Dr. Foreman got under my skin, back when I was watching House M.D. but I have never found myself disliking Omar Epps on sight, the way I disliked him during this hour of television. It speaks to how great he is, that he has made me hate Isaac so passionately just two episodes in!

What a disgrace to the uniform! I mean, granted, we still don't know the entire story, so maybe there is a valid reason why he set up his former brother in arms, but as it stands now, he's just a special kind of despicable.

But given the company he keeps, I can see why. Isaac doesn't seem to be the leader in this operation, but he seems like the only one with the brains and rationale. He's the only that has actually been effective. 

Payne is an arrogant psycho, who couldn't even manage to do his job, and Hugh doesn't think things through. Isaac would have had it all settled if Bob Lee confessed to protect his family, but then Hugh had to go and put hits out on him. 

You know how many missions we ran together? 53! Fifty-three times I went outside the wire thinking you had my six! And now this!


It turns out, the President of the United States was not the one killed. The President of Ukraine was. I just want to know more about this global conspiracy to assassinate the Ukrainian president and where everyone fits into it!

Isaac went through a lot of trouble trying to set up Bob Lee for this crime. I just want to know why?! Bob Lee does too! It just doesn't seem like a particularly smart move to foist this elaborate scheme on someone like Bob Lee!

We're told of how much of a fantastic marksman he was...well, is. He has quite the extensive portfolio in that regards. He's not a loner, the slightest bit emotionally or mentally unstable, and he has a family. 

He's not the person I would want to make the fall-guy, so I genuinely would love to know what it was about Bob Lee, that had Isaac, Hugh, Payne, and whomever else thinking that they could successfully pull this off without a hitch!

I'm not worried about a trial. I'm not gonna make it that far.

Bob Lee

Bob Lee even knew that they wouldn't just let him live in prison. Common sense said that he would be taken out well before he even made it to a trial. Sure enough they went ahead and explored the whole corrupt prison system route. 

Nothing like a correctional facility where inmates can hold power, guards can be bought, and corruption runs amok. 

I knew the second Bob Lee started that fight, that his plan was to land himself in the infirmary for his own protection. Unfortunately, the other inmates knew that too, including Alex.

For a Ukrainian big-shot in the slammer, I actually liked Alex. He was smart, witty, and proved to be quite the ally. I found him to be amusing and interesting, and honestly I kind of hate that we only had a little time with him. For now at least. 

Bob Lee kicking ass in the cell and then effortlessly escaping prison is the type of content I approve of. That entire sequence, from the shakedown in the cell, to the fight sequence, to him nestling himself beneath the truck and getting carted away was enjoyable. 

I didn't even mind how unrealistic it all was. No way he should have been able to escape a prison that easily. And why didn't the officer use one of the mirrors to check underneath the truck? 

Julie: You're asking the wrong question.
Nadine: What's the right question?

I LOVE the women of Shooter! 

Julie knows her husband didn't do the killing, and she could rattle off all the reasons why without sounding like a naive wife grasping at straws. Bob Lee didn't send the email because he wouldn't feel slighted that he didn't get a medal, and he wouldn't have used a library computer when he doesn't even know where the library is. 

He wouldn't have tried to kill the American president and missed, because Bob Lee doesn't miss. She was steely in her resolve, and I loved every second of it. She also read Nadine quite well, and I could respect that.

Julie: Bob Lee, what are you...what are you going to do?
Bob Lee: I'm going to do what I do best. I'm going to hunt.

I actually hope that she and Nadine work together to help Bob Lee clear his name and take down everyone responsible for this! If anyone could do it, those two women can. 

I love that all of Nadine's senses are tingling, and telling her that he isn't responsible. And she's trusting that, even though her boss and Isaac keep doing everything in their power to make her doubt herself. They both come off condescending, and it comes across like some workplace sexism, the way they all but tell her to stay in her place.

That final line Bob Lee gave was so cheesy, and yet I was so delighted by this episode that I didn't even mind it. I can't wait to watch Bob Lee go on the hunt!

So what did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it better than the premiere? Do you think Isaac is in over his head with his colleagues? Did Bob Lee hiding out at Donnie's mom's place make you emotional? 

Hit the comments below and don't forget you can watch Shooter online right here at TV Fanatic!

Exfil Review

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Bob Lee: I want my lawyer.
Director: And I want tickets to Hamilton for Christmas.

Agent: The President not hit.
Nadine: What happened?
Agent: He missed! He killed the Ukrainian president.