The CW: Constantine Lives On, Other Series' Fate Discussed

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While all of the news out of the TCA press tour from The CW wasn't as great as the early renewal of seven series, it wasn't all bad, either.

It seems that Mark Pedowitz and friends have, at the very least, been listening to viewers and taking their desires into consideration.

First and foremost, Constantine will live on.

Constantine CW Seed

He looks kind of handsome in animated form, doesn't he?

That's because not only will Constantine have a secondary life as an animated series on The CW Seed, he'll be receiving said life from Matt Ryan.

So the more things change, the more they'll stay the same.

Constantine was a live action series that ran on NBC for one season and didn't make the cut for a second season renewal.

Showrunners on Arrow, however, always made their appreciation of the character known and kept their promise to fans to give him another go when he visited Star City.

It turned out that he had a history with Oliver Queen from his island days, and came in very handy when some assistance was needed to reunite Sara Lance and her soul.

Don't Move! - Arrow Season 4 Episode 5

Granted, an animated show on The CW Seed isn't exactly how fans wanted to see Constantine come back into the fold, but a 10 minute animated series is what landed Vixen on the Waverider on Legends of Tomorrow.

Pedowitz said there are no current plans for Constantine to return to Arrow, but he did like how he added "dimension" to the show with his appearance on the series, so you never know what's ahead.

Keeping Matt Ryan around and ready for action is what's really important. 

Xavier's World - No Tomorrow

What about the new  series currently wrapping up their freshman runs on the network? Does no renewals automatically mean their lives are over?

Not necessarily.

There is a lot that goes into a renewal decision, and Pedowitz noted the network is very interested in shorter seasons for some of their programming.

They're also keeping an eye out of what both No Tomorrow and Frequency are doing on The CW streaming site and will do on Netflix as an indicator of their popularity outside of their on-air ratings, which are both averaging about 0.3.

Both will be available on Netflix soon, and if either has a "huge binge moment," it will be taken into consideration. So tell your friends and get your binge on in May.

A Startling Discovery - Frequency

They have promised closure for both series by way of a "tag" should either (or both) be canceled.

The tag (a short video) would play on their website and notification of said tag might come as soon as the final episode of the season after it airs, if a decision has been made about their future by that time.

Nothing Remains the Same - The Originals

Finally, The Originals isn't finished just because The Vampire Diaries is over, but the ratings have to give the network a reason to renew it.

“I’m hoping that The Originals can continue, a lot of it will depend on performance,” Pedowitz said

It's not going to get a renewal just on posterity alone.

Other mentions? Charmed is not a prequel, at least not yet, and Lost Boys and Dynasty reboots are still in play at the network. That's a lot of programming!

What do you think about the Constantine news? Does knowing you'll have an ending to No Tomorrow and Frequency make you feel better?

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