Arrow Season 5 Episode 14 Review: The Sin-Eater

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Oliver Queen may not be the Mayor of Star City for much longer. 

That much was hinted at on Arrow Season 5 Episode 14 when he made a string of terrible decisions that led to his reign being called into question. 

Let's talk about revealing the truth to the ACU chief. Oliver took a stab in the dark, and it seemingly worked, but that was wrong on so many levels. 

In Search of Revenge - Arrow

It could have backfired in his face and unmasked the identities of Team Arrow. The ACU chief was definitely onto Oliver at the end. Oliver speaking the same way he talked earlier (as the mayor!) was plain dumb. 

Considering the way Oliver has been revealing his identity throughout Arrow Season 5, I'm surprised he never came clean to Susan about who he was. 

Plot twist: She already knew. We've witnessed Susan gather her evidence over the past few episodes, and Thea has hated every minute of it. 

It was tough to feel sorry for her losing her career, but Thea was right. Susan could have revealed her findings to the media at any point. 

She had to strike while she could, and that's why she turned to Felicity. Like I've said before, Susan was looking for the story of her career to propel her to stardom. 

It just so happens that her career is now a bust. Oliver battling with his emotions was natural, but he really should have noticed sooner that Susan was out to get him. 

Which brings me to my biggest question about this whole thing: What had Susan done to gain Oliver's trust? I mean, she's been sketchy as hell with her secret meetings. 

It all seems more like a fling than a relationship and Susan was only with him to find out whether he was the Green Arrow, anyway. 

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Had Thea not done anything about Susan's persistent meddling, it would be Oliver who was unemployed right about now. In fact, he'd be on a one-way trip to Iron Heights. 

Oliver has a spotty track record when it comes to relationships, so everyone probably guessed this relationship was going to go past its expiry date promptly. 

I did enjoy Oliver comparing Thea to Moira. To an extent, he was right. Moira was the big decision maker of the Queen family, and it seems like Thea is poised to take over that role. 

It was a bit rich of Oliver to chant that Thea was wrong when you consider all of the things he's done over the years. I mean, cut the girl some slack, she was looking out for you, Ollie. 

Whether this is going to have repercussions down the line for their relationship, I don't give a damn. Nip it in the bud and move on to more exciting plots. 

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Knowing that China White, Liza Warner, and Cupid were returning made me go into this episode with low expectations. We should be dealing with new villains, not ones who were not all that to begin with. 

You would think it being this late into the season we would know what the heck was going on. Unfortunately, questionable plots are the thing that tends to drag Arrow down. 

It's a shame because there's been a lot to like about the season. Hopefully, this hour is a blip and the show will be back on track for Arrow Season 5 Episode 15..

Did anyone else care about Quentin's apparent rage that Liza's back living a life of crime? The notion that she defected back to the dark side because of his short-term alliance with Damien Dahrk was hilarious. 

Quentin should have cut his losses with her and stopped trying to make her a good person. It's never going to happen. Also, it's difficult to take Rutina Wesley seriously without a pair of fangs. 

I loved her on True Blood, but her character on Arrow is not cutting it for me. Please, stop bringing past villains back. That's a huge red flag that a show is running out of ideas. 

I was ecstatic when Dinah knocked the three women down with her Canary Cry. At first, I was not sold on this new Canary, but she's been a great addition to the team, and her story is interesting. 

Quentin revealing that he was happy for her to continue on the Black Canary legacy was needed to show how well she fits in with the team. 

Losing Laurel is still a sore subject for Quentin, but knowing that her legacy is continuing should help him rest easy. 

"The Sin-Eater" was the worst episode of the season. It was all over the place. One minute we were hanging in Opal City with the mother of Prometheus and then the Green Arrow was being arrested for murdering Malone. 

Honestly, I found the stuff with Amanda to be dull. Her statement about Prometheus lashing out because of what happened to his father did not sit well with me. 

His father was not exactly a saint, was he? I mean, Oliver murdered him for a reason. 

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Note: Arrow Season 5 Episode 15 airs March 1 on The CW. 

The Sin-Eater Review

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Thea: Is everything okay with Susan?
Oliver: Yeah, why?
Thea: Your assistant was clocking some tension.

Susan: What was that for?
Oliver: That was I'm sorry.
Susan: For canceling dinner on me last night?
Oliver: And the previous two times.