Bull Season 1 Episode 15 Review: What's Your Number?

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What’s your number? 

Well, my number for Bull Season 1 Episode 15 was pretty darn high. As a matter of fact, I’d say it was my favorite installment of the series thus far. 

Andrew Withrow and Jason Bull Season 1 Episode 15

A lot of it came down to Andrew Withrow. 

Some cases have been more dramatic than others, but we’ve never really seen Jason Bull face a serious villain before this. Even the opening scene with the walkway collapse was truly frightening.

Diana: Andrew Withrow has a lot of questionable qualities but he's not a murderer.
Bull: And who are you trying to convince?

Andrew Withrow was a rich, powerful, charming sociopath. He knew all the right things to say to get what he wanted, but in the end, he didn’t feel anything about killing 15 people if it helped him save face and save money. 

Did Andrew have Sean Lahiri killed? I think it’s definitely possible.

As Bull pointed out, Lahiri spent months with the guilt eating away at him. He couldn’t sleep because he accepted $200,000 in order to cover it up. 

Why would he commit suicide after finally coming clean? It just didn’t make sense. 

Murder or Suicide? - Bull Season 1 Episode 15

Bull took notice after his interaction with Withrow during the auction that the man absolutely has to win and he revels in holding power over others. 

New York City isn't Callisto, Texas. You're on my turf this time.


As mentioned in this Bull quote, Diana Lindsay was back, but the tables had turned as she played their game on Bull's home field this time. 

What really scared me was how Withrow looked into that security camera after kissing Diana on the cheek. He was sending Bull a message. 

Diana was nothing more than a pawn in Withrow’s game. If the man was willing to let 15 people plunge to their deaths, would he even think twice about hurting or killing Diana to get back at Bull?

I spent the entire hour worrying that something horrible would happen to her, and that says a lot about how attached I’ve gotten to a character we’ve only seen in one other installment. 

Nobody said anything about Diana's bewitching effect on you.


Diana and Bull have great chemistry. She manages to bring out Jason Bull’s more human side. They both love their jobs and the competition, without letting it overwhelm their relationship.

Diana Lindsay Returns - Bull Season 1 Episode 15

I hope we see a romance develop between these two because it would help give us more insight into Jason Bull. We know how driven, intelligent, and work oriented he is; now it's time to see more of his personal side.

But I also hope nothing untoward happens to Lindsay, because Andrew Withrow isn’t a man who accepts defeat.

Adding to that wishlist, I'd like to see Withrow again, perhaps in the Bull season 1 finale. The show would be foolish not to bring such a compelling nemesis back for more. 

Also during this case, we got to see Jason’s home, and as Chunk pointed out, it was less than minimalist. 

The rock wall was unique, although I worry about him going up that high with a spotter.

Then there was the lack of the most basic furniture…although that desk was quite impressive and he thankfully got a sofa in order to snuggle on it with Diana in front of that amazing fireplace. 

And of course, there was the view! With those floor to ceiling windows, it was hard not to be impressed by the New York City skyline. 

Bull’s home reminded me a bit of the oddities of the last character Michael Weatherly played, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo of NCIS. Although Tony’s apartment had a much more classic feel, he only had a twin bed for much of the series. 

It had me curious about Jason Bull’s bedroom furnishings too. 

Well, if we're going to be accused of it we might as well do it.


In the end, it appeared that Diana and Jason were about to dive into a relationship, but we’ll have to wait and see where that goes. 

We’ll also have to wait to find out why the US Attorney’s office is investigating Benny concerning a murder case from eight years ago. 

Face to Face With Diana - Bull

Considering the look on Benny’s face when he heard the name Hayden Watkins, there’s obviously a long and complicated story we've yet to hear. 

So tell me TV Fanatics, are you a fan of Diana and Bull? 

Do you hope to see Andrew Withrow again and did he have Sean Lahiri killed? 

Perhaps more importantly, do you think he’s a threat to Diana?

Check back in two weeks for my review of Bull Season 1 Episode 16 here at TV Fanatic.

If you want to go back to Diana Lindsay’s first episode, “Callisto,” you can watch Bull online here at TV Fanatic.

What's Your Number? Review

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Bull Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

New York City isn't Callisto, Texas. You're on my turf this time.


Chunk: This game is an insult to football.
Bull: Maybe the way you play it.