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Talk about a no-win situation.

The news from Colony Season 2 Episode 7 was all bad. It's fight and be killed, or obey and be killed.

It's not like we haven't already figured this out for ourselves, but for Katie and Will to hear it while living it is another matter altogether.

Mata Hari - Colony Season 2 Episode 7

The cold open focusing on Frankie and her recruit was devastating.

If you've been reading me long enough, you know I have issues with the resistance. Not the fact they're resisting, but the harm it does to others in the process. 

I can only liken it to how my friend feels about the collateral damage to innocents in our enemies' territory when our soldiers are fighting wars.

I don't care about that collateral damage nearly as much as I care about the damage done by freedom fighters because it's so difficult for people ultimately on the same side to make their initial choice on how to proceed in the first place.

There wasn't anything about Frankie that screamed heroism to me. She screwed boys into giving up their lives for a cause she believes in. That's not all that noble. Trickery isn't noble. If she was doing it without the shady recruiting tactics, I'd be more willing to engage.

Seeing her being tortured didn't move me at all because she was playing Will. At least her final effort was to finally put herself into the line of fire.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow - Colony Season 2 Episode 7

Frankie was used as a cautionary tale or by way of explanation for exactly what Maya was up to in the labor camp.

Of course, we now know labor camp in the LA bloc is kind of an oxymoron. What an evil experiment!

Nonetheless, the hard laborers in the death colony were moving forward with their plan to disrupt the actions of the Raps.

Maya was using the same tactics as Frankie and probably didn't give a hoot about Bram. But Maya was all action, a much different resistance fighter than Frankie, who was all talk, putting others out to do hard work.

I don't know if what Maya did made her a hero, but she did accomplish something. What, exactly, it will mean to the overall mission of the Raps is something we either aren't meant to know or we will never know because it's not known in the overall scheme of things.

Maybe it's not important. Maybe this story continues to be about the fight between the earth bound factions within the...death camp...than it is about why they are what they are or how it happened.

The Sabotage Mission - Colony

Still, that's difficult to fathom when we're given goodies like people-stuffed pods being sent on a special mission to the mother ship (or further).

Were they even people? Can people survive if their innards are infused with green bile and in stasis for that period of time? 

If they're not people, are they aliens sans suits? Is this what they look like when the motocross suits are removed? Maybe they're not that much different than we are.

Those are things they need to know because it will level the playing field significantly, and right now that field is about as uneven as it could possibly get.

It was easy for Maya to just let a body tumble out of the pod and replace it with her own, but have any of the resistance fighters had time with those pods to research what's going on with the ships? That would be information far more useful than blowing up a ship.

I'd like to see less violence from the resistance, especially because of the number of their own people they're harming in the process, and more sleuthing. Know thy enemy. 

Will: How long do we have until the bloc's empty?
Katie: Two years, three months and nine days.

Broussard needs someone on his side to help him get a handle on how this whole resistance is playing out. With Katie back, perhaps she'll have a new slant on what needs to be done.

Will is sick of watching the violence on both sides, and if Katie had any notion Bram was being worked by a recruiter who condoned suicide missions, she'd be livid.

There is already a clock on the bloc. 

They're going down no matter what, so why force the issue by taking their own lives to speed up the process? Why on earth would they want to make the Raps' job even easier?

If anything, they need to find a way to band together so everybody is on the same page. That's not going to be easy.

Duped - Colony Season 2 Episode 7

The pig-headed believers of The Greatest Day are going to be a mess. The best news on that front is that Maddie isn't so far gone that she even bothered to flinch when Nolan questioned her about files accessed during their party.

Maddie will be key in bringing The Greatest Day into the equation. I don't see how the colony can hope to come out ahead without their assistance.

They have a presence, the trust of the government and by proxy, the Raps. 

Should it really be that difficult to tear down a simple brainwashing by way of a digitally enhanced glowing box? OK. Probably.

Like I said, Maddie will be key to the entire endeavor, but without The Greatest Day's involvement, there is no way the resistance can get the numbers they need, nor can they convince the whole of their little society to stop fighting each other and to work as one to topple their oppressors.

The Raps aren't oppressors. They're exterminators. 

Why they chose the LA bloc as their fuel is anybody's guess, but it's entirely possible the whole planet is in the same boat. One by one, as each colony runs out of available reserves, a new human well will be turned on for fuel.

Chilling, isn't it?

Do you think violence and fighting is the answer to stopping the feeding frenzy or should the resistance find another way? Did you agree with Frankie's methods? Do you hope Katie can help guide Broussard down a new path with the resistance? How will The Greatest Day fit in?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

If you have missed any of this season, watch Colony online to get caught up on all the action!

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