Doubt Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Then and Now

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So much for Sadie recusing herself.

Doubt Season 1 Episode 2 picked up in the middle of Sadie and Albert testing Billy under pressure.

It didn't go well, but the real issue is the tension between Sadie and Albert over the DNA test.

Keeping It Professional - Doubt

Just like real couples, work husbands and wives fight, but the closest ones will work it out.

I think the biggest indication there was a real problem was when Sadie learned Albert took Cameron to Hamilton instead of her. It was like he cheated on her.

Hey, I'd be upset too. I'm dying to see Hamilton, and Cameron didn't even appreciate it.

Albert: I have an extra ticket to Hamilton tomorrow night, are you free?
Cameron: I feel like the Speaker of the House. Third in the line of succession. You broke up with Gemma, you and Sadie aren't talking, so I get to go to Hamilton?
Albert: My pain is your gain.

Luckily, they worked out their differences, because they're just too great together to work separately.

Cameron couldn't enjoy Hamilton because she had other things on her mind.

Learning Isaiah's policy about defending snitches was interesting, especially when we found out it stemmed from Sadie's mom's case. Everything seems to keep going back to her, doesn't it?

Cameron realized that rules are made to be broken, and sometimes exceptions have to be made. I have to admit, there was a moment there when Daryl was on the stand that I thought he was going to change his mind. I really couldn't decide what I wanted him to do.

That's a really hard decision to make, especially when the person you're snitching on is your cousin. But he had to think about his own life, too.

You know you're watching a good show when you're putting yourself in the character's shoes. 

He asked Cameron what she would do, and we never got to see her answer. It doesn't matter though, because that's a decision he had to make on his own. He's the one who has to live with it.

Of course we knew Cameron wouldn't really be fired for it. Isaiah didn't even seem to care. He trusts his people to do what's best for their case, rather than try to micro-manage.

Granted, he did get a little too involved in Sadie's case, but he stepped aside and let her do her thing, despite the cranky judge wanting him to take over.

Judge Porter was obnoxious and hard to root for, but being the great lawyer she is, Sadie made him vulnerable. There wasn't a dry eye in the house after she put him on the stand.

Doubt is doing a fantastic job so far at getting their audience emotionally involved in the cases.

They're also doing a great job of sprinkling in enough humor to keep it light, because otherwise some of these cases could get pretty heavy.

The judge just asked my opinion on a pair of shoes. I said I didn't like them. Now he's mad at me.


Albert's an honest guy. I can appreciate that. But when a judge asks for an opinion on a pair of shoes, maybe don't be quite so honest.

The main characters are solid, but they're also starting to flesh out the supporting cast.

I liked watching Tiffany and Nick work discovery together. It could only be a matter of time before they're the next Sadie and Albert.

Tiffany's got a great quirkiness about her, and she's a lot of fun to watch. She's kind of like a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any moment.

Nick wasn't wrong when he said she's insane, the opposite of normal.

He's pretty down to earth though, which is why they make a good team. I think we could all bet money that he'll never be without a change of clothes at work again.

As for Billy's case, we're still waiting on the DNA results. Apparently this isn't TV, so they don't come back overnight. Maybe someone should tell Albert this actually is TV, and we want to know now.

Of course being that this is TV, they want to make us squirm. They need us to believe he might really be guilty, and that's where those pictures come in.

Hopefully there's a reasonable explanation for why he changed shirts the night Amy was killed. I don't want to believe that Billy could be guilty.

I'm glad that Sadie continues to keep things professional between them. I hope that lasts until the case is over.

I'm concerned showing this smart, professional woman as unable to resist her client's advances would be sending the wrong message.

Yes, I'm aware that Isaiah clearly got involved with his client, but that's all the more reason for Sadie to learn from his mistakes and keep her distance until the case is over.

Your turn, are you guys invested in Doubt? Do you think Billy is innocent? Would you have taken the plea if you were Daryl?

Here's hoping the ratings perk up. It would be really disappointing if it got canceled before the conclusion of Billy's case. Don't leave us hanging!

If you need to catch up, you can watch Doubt online anytime.

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Doubt Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

In my 37 years on the bench I have witnessed some tremendous opening statements. That was not one of them.

Judge Porter

Albert: I have an extra ticket to Hamilton tomorrow night, are you free?
Cameron: I feel like the Speaker of the House. Third in the line of succession. You broke up with Gemma, you and Sadie aren't talking, so I get to go to Hamilton?
Albert: My pain is your gain.