Emerald City Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Lions in Winter

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There were a lot of surprises on Emerald City Season 1 Episode 8, as West learned the truth about Tip, Dorothy learned the truth about Lucas, and The Wizard learned the truth about Queen Ev.

Lady Ev - Emerald City

Let's just get this out of the way first. The best scene of the hour, by far, was when Queen Ev's servants asked Jack if he needed his "odd parts" oiled.

The look on Jack's face after that line was delivered was perfect.  Jack and Langwidere are such the perfect couple. I think I would enjoy a series based just on those two characters.

It was heartbreaking to watch him walk away from her after she released her hold on him, but something tells me he won't be staying away for long. He cares about her too much to leave forever. Where would he go anyway? 

Although Langwidere may be a hot mess in the love department, she's definitely got it together in the leadership one. 


She's not about to get pushed around by The Wizard, no matter how great and powerful he thinks he is. I loved that she took Frank's gun idea and made weapons for her team and not his. And I love that she doesn't consider herself part of his team.

The Wizard thought it was going to be an easy win but got the surprise of his life when he found himself on the other end of those guns. 

I'm still curious as to what Frank did to convince the people of Oz that he was so great and powerful because all he seems to be is a bully. What could he have possibly done to make anyone think he was greater than magic?

Langwidere wasn't afraid to stand up to him, but Frank has a large army behind him, and I don't see him taking this act of defiance very well. Defeat is an unacceptable word in Frank's vocabulary.

We'll have to wait and see how it turns out, but Frank is definitely not walking away from this. 

Wizard EC

One thing I don't understand is why does Frank think he can kill the witches with guns? Wasn't it already established that only witches can kill witches?

Dorothy finally showed she has some grit. She should have strung Lucas up along with Glinda when she had the opportunity. Maybe that would snap him out of his denial that he loves Dorothy and not Glinda.

Why Glinda didn't kill Dorothy is beyond me. If I knew someone was trying to kill me and then actually tried to, I wouldn't be sending my wimpy husband after her. I'd go after her myself and end it right there.

Instead, Glinda just whined about Lucas not protecting her while Dorothy got away.

I'm not quite understanding Dorothy's powers. Is she a witch? Why can she use East's powers only some of the time? 


Glinda has got some ice in her veins. There's nothing good about that witch. She can't even show an ounce of empathy for her own sister. It was obvious West was distraught, but it didn't faze Glinda at all.

Maybe if she were a nicer person, it would fan out to other aspects of her life. 

West won the prize when she discovered that Tip was Princess Ozma. Tip didn't want to believe she was a princess because she'd prefer to be a prince, but she is going to be what she's going to be.

West was devastated when Tip died. She loves Tip so much perhaps because Tip is just like her...or maybe like she was when she was younger and not so poppied up and under Frank's control.

That's why it was so sad when she went to Glinda to find her mother only to be shunned by the icy bitch of the north. Had Glinda shown some compassion perhaps West wouldn't have tried to kill herself. 

It was a sad sight watching it all play out, but maybe now that Tip's returned from the dead, she can save West.  Hopefully, Tip will be able to breathe new life into West, because not only does West need it...she deserves it.

Then she and Tip can go and kick Glinda's ass. Wouldn't that be great?!

We finally learned who the lion was but it wasn't all that shocking. The only question is why didn't he kill Ozma and how did Frank miss him not killing the child?

Overall, it was a pretty exciting hour, but like every hour before, we are left with many questions which hopefully will answered before the season ends. There's only two more episodes left, folks.

What did you think of "Lions in Winter"? Hit the comments and share your thoughts. If you missed anything, you can watch Emerald City online right here via TV Fanatic.

Lions in Winter Review

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Emerald City Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

After retrieving the weapons from Ev, we'll march north to Glinda and bury her and her pathetic witchlings, and we'll host a celebration to quell any doubts that science triumphs over magic.

The Wizard

Tip: I'm not a princess.
West: You don't know what you are.
Tip: I'm a boy.
West: You were turned into a boy. Why else, but to protect you?
Tip: Everyone keeps telling me who and what I am. When do I get to decide?