Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Is Bailey Cut Out For Being Chief?

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On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 13 the friction between members of the hospital got infinitely worse, and sides were being taken amongst the attendings. The other attendings, Maggie in particular, made April's first day as interim Chief of Surgery, difficult. 

Eliza begin the second phase of her teaching program, which allowed Ben and Stephanie to perform solo surgeries with no aid. Ben's surgery was successful but Stephanie's went badly.

Join TV Fanatics Tiffany, Amanda, and Jasmine as they discuss whether it was fair that the others ostracized April, whether a truce is on the horizon amongst the fractured group of friends, and much more. 

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Do you think it was fair that the other doctors ostracized April for taking Meredith's position?

Tiffany: I know it may seem childish but yes. I didn't buy April's argument that she was just doing her job. I think she saw an opportunity to have a higher position, even if it belonged to someone else, and took it.

I understand it, a lot of people who do it but don't pretend like you did it for some other, nobler reason. Especially considering how strongly she felt about Webber's cause right before that.

Amanda: I think it was really unfair for the doctors to turn their backs. Was April really supposed to say no? The patients would suffer. Someone needs to help out and take charge without Meredith there.

I also find it really annoying that Meredith seems to do no wrong in the eyes of her friends, but April is constantly criticized or made fun of. The girl went into a war zone and helped people. That's a lot more than a lot of these other doctors have done. Give the woman some credit. She's a great doctor.

Jasmine: I'll fall somewhere in the middle with this. It was childish, but I completely understand it and I probably would have been the same way. It didn't spill over into them not being able to do their jobs. 

I don't think April was being opportunistic. I do think that April is a chronic do-gooder, obsessively so, and that has been an issue for her ever since Derek brought her back after her mistake.

I feel like in April's mind she had to take it. She knew what it was like to lose her job before, and she didn't want a repeat of that again. She was offered the position after Meredith was suspended, so I get feeling like she had no choice.

Plus, if she didn't take it, and no one else would touch it, then somebody knew would potentially be brought in, and that is the root of the problem as it is. I don't like April's choice, and I would have shut her out too, but I get why she did it. And I agree with Amanda about Meredith. It's irritated me for all thirteen seasons.

Did finding out that Eliza never lost a child before this one make you sympathize with her more? Or does it make you question her methods even further?

Tiffany: Nope, still hate her. It was definitely her fault they lost the little boy. Stephanie is a great resident and I initially thought she'd be fine but why in the world would you risk a kid's life on a first-time solo surgery?

I think they got a little too caught up in their excitement and it became more about the surgery than the patient. This seems to happen a lot with Minnick. She's so focused on her methods and the residents that she doesn't consider anyone or anything else.

Amanda: I don't feel one way or the other about Eliza, but it does seem unrealistic that she would make it this far in her career without seeing a child die. If her reaction was any indication, she's a lot more fragile than she's been letting on.

Jasmine: Words cannot describe how little I care about Eliza. I'm just done with her. I find her character incredibly irritating for so many reasons. One of which, what Tiffany mentioned above. I can't deal with this woman's total disregard for patients.

She makes Yang look like Mother Theresa. I find her attitude and approach abhorrent, and the fact that she never lost a kid before, and has limited experience in things outside of her field, tells me she's not a good fit here.

 Is Bailey cut out for being Chief or do you think it would be better if someone else took over?

Tiffany: I think Bailey will ultimately be a great chief, but right now she's not acting like Bailey, she's impersonating Catherine and Catherine would not make a good chief. She's pushy, arrogant, stubborn, and thinks she knows what's best for everyone.

It was her whispering in Bailey's ear that caused all these problems to begin with. Bailey could have upgraded the teaching program and brought in Minnick without blindsiding Webber and pushing him out altogether. Now it's gone so far I think she's just too proud to stop it. At this point, I only see things getting worse.

Amanda: I think Bailey is a wonderful Chief. She has made some missteps along the way, but she's ultimately trying to do what she thinks is best for the hospital. Sometimes being the boss means you won't be popular with your employees when you make difficult decisions.

Jasmine: I think Bailey worked her whole life to get to this point. Hell, Richard trained and mentored her to get to this point. She's his legacy. I think she's great when she handles things on her own.

But the Bailey of late, she's not walking her own path and she's being too easily influenced by too many outside forces. I love Bailey. She's a force of nature, but I'm not seeing much of that Bailey right now.

Do you think we're closer to a truce being called between the doctors involved in this Bailey and Eliza versus Richard and Meredith debacle?

Tiffany: I don't think so. If anything it looks like sides are forming -- Bailey, Minnick, Catherine and April against everyone else.

Amanda: I don't see an end in sight right now. Everyone is still fuming and both sides are drawing firmer lines in the sand.

Jasmine: Initially, I was thinking we may have been closer to a truce, what with Eliza breaking down and Bailey and Webber getting to share some of their feelings with each other, but now I'm thinking it's going to be a while.

It looks like more lines are being drawn in the sand, and with Alex coming back...who knows what's going to happen next? They may be more divided than ever.

Are there other storylines or plots that you miss? Or are you enjoying the Webber and Minnick one?

Tiffany: I'm not necessarily enjoying the Webber/Minnick storyline but I'm definitely invested (#TeamWebber). I'm ready for Alex to come back to the hospital and wondering when we'll finally see Owen's mysterious sister.

Amanda: I want to get to Alex's transition back to working at the hospital. I have hated this Webber/Minnick storyline from day one. Everyone is acting like a child and it needs to stop!

Jasmine: I, too, am invested enough in this arc to not be too bothered by it. I like the fact that it does involve multiple characters. I just want some resolution on a few things, like the Omelia situation.

I also feel like they teased this potential story arc about Owen's sister, and we haven't seen anything else. And there are a few characters that are so underused or misused right now. It wouldn't kill them to show some other things too.

What was your favorite and/or least favorite part of the episode?

Tiffany: I think my least favorite part was seeing April and Catherine celebrate over dinner. One of the best doctors is suspended, there is nothing but conflict within the hospital staff, and they just lost a child but yeah, celebrate.

I'm all about strong females but the two of them, along with Bailey and Minnick, have created an unhappy, cantankerous, atmosphere and the way they're forcing their new found power down everyone's throats bothers me.

Amanda: I liked seeing April stand up for herself against Jackson. She was right when she said no one takes her seriously. Someone needed to help out, and she had every right to step in and work with the patients.

Jasmine: My least favorite part was almost the entire situation with the kid. Stephanie reminds me of Yang sometimes, which I like, but I seriously disliked the way she got dragged into Eliza's cavalier attitude towards patients.

I can't quite put my finger on what makes it so different than what the original characters (especially Christina) used to do or say, but it is. Somehow it's...too far and unbecoming.

My favorite scene was Webber comforting Stephanie. Fantastic scene.

Who was the MVP?

Tiffany: Webber. He was resistant at first but when he joined Warren in the OR it really seemed like he was ready to assist him. Then after Bailey butted in, and screamed at him, he still stepped up for Stephanie when Minnick flaked on her.

Amanda: Arizona was great at playing both sides of the feud at the hospital. She's obviously on Webber's side, but she was still able to lend an ear to Minnick and give her some advice.

Jasmine: Ben. He kicked ass on his first solo surgery and it made me so proud. He also called Bailey and Webber out on behaving like children and ruining his moment, and I loved that. Go Ben!

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