Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Team Richard or Team Eliza?

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We finally got to see what happened to Alex on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 11. Well, sort of.

After a standalone premiere, we returned to the hospital where Richard, Jackson, and April staged a mutiny against Eliza Minnick. Jo, still dealing with the news that Alex took the deal, was distracted and having a rough time on her shift. Ben took it upon himself to look after her.

Meredith spent the entire episode in search of Alex, only to find out that he was home sleeping in her bed the entire time.

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Below, TV Fanatics Amanda, Tiffany, and Jasmine as they break down "Jukebox Hero."

They discuss their theories on how Alex evaded prison, what's going on with Jo and whether or not Amelia is behaving immaturely. They'll also talk about the mutiny and grade the episode.

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Thoughts on the Alex reveal? What are you theories about how he avoided prison?

Amanda: Were we supposed to be surprised? There was no way he was going to prison. I thought it was fairly obvious that DeLuca must have dropped the charges. He seemed confused by Arizona's statement about never seeing Alex again.

Tiffany: The only thing I can come up with is maybe Deluca refused to testify for some reason and that hurt the prosecutions chances of proving their case to the point where they decided to drop the charges.

Maybe Alex told Deluca he was going to take the plea to protect Jo and maybe Deluca realized that's all Alex was ever trying to do. We know Deluca has feelings for Jo too so maybe he also wanted to protect her from her husband.

It's far-fetched but the show better have some explanation as to what happened because leading us on for so long then just dropping it is pretty frustrating.

Jasmine: Thanks to the comments jogging my memory, I recalled that Deluca was trying to tell Jo something. Most likely, it was that he dropped the charges, because he wanted to protect her. I guess that's the direction they're going in.

Interestingly enough, it still could be at the prosecution's discretion to charge him even if Deluca dropped the charges, and Alex would be the perfect candidate to "make an example out of it," but they have to find a way to write themselves out of this corner, so I guess that's the best route.

I agree that it was a pretty insane storyline to gives us and if it's not wrapped up in a decent way it will be frustrating.

Do you think Amelia is being childish, hiding out at Stephanie's house and avoiding Owen?

Amanda: A thousand times yes! Even if she thinks her marriage can't be saved, she should still act like a grown up and face Owen. Hiding out isn't going to fix or change anything. She's simply avoiding making the decision to either try to work things out or get a divorce.

Tiffany: I do. I've never been a huge fan of Amelia and this just makes her more annoying to me. If she would have been honest with Owen from the start, they could have worked through it together. It's not like she personally or intentionally killed her baby or its father. What happened to her was tragic. Owen would have understood.

Jasmine: Amelia is so much better than this. This storyline is bugging me too, because it's like the writers forgot that Amelia told Owen about her previous baby already! If he already knows about the baby, because she did tell him, than why is she suddenly clamming up and shutting him out now?

I don't understand why she can't talk to her own husband. They've had conversations confessing some of their deepest, darkest sins. It feels like unnecessary angst right now.

Are you Team Eliza or Team Richard? What did you think about Richard and the gang's mutiny against Eliza and Bailey?

Amanda: While I'm not a fan of Eliza, Richard's mutiny doesn't help anything. Eliza is trying to do her job. The real issues Richard and the hospital staff have is with Bailey and they should be addressed to her and not Eliza.

Tiffany: Team Richard, always. Eliza is annoying and the way Bailey is handling the transition is just as bad.

Jasmine: Team Richard. The most irritating thing about Eliza, is she actually has valid reasons for changing things up, she just sucks at doing things properly. She's a very off-putting character and she's rude.

It seems like her mission right now is to just go after Richard. And Bailey is caught in the middle of this mess with Eliza, Richard, and Catherine, but there's a lot of things she didn't handle properly at all.

Jo nearly cost someone their life because she was too distracted with Alex's situation and then blew up at Ben. Is Jo becoming a liability? Or do you sympathize with her?

Amanda: She definitely didn't have her head in the game, and that's not a good thing at all. Hopefully she'll start paying attention to her patients again when she learns Alex isn't locked away. Also, her outburst at Ben was totally uncalled for, but she doesn't have the best track record of accepting help or a shoulder to lean on.

Tiffany: I still have hope for Jo but it's wearing thin. The writers need to start redeeming her soon.

Jasmine: I need someone to tell Jo to get her crap together. Jo needs a Christina Yang in her life. I would love to see the writers do something for her character.

What would you grade the episode?

Amanda: I'd give it a B. I wasn't entirely invested in every patient storyline and the mutiny against Eliza got on my nerves. However, Meredith spending the day looking for Alex was realistic to watch, and I'm glad he is back home.

Tiffany: B-

Jasmine: I would give it a B+. The previous episodes were darker and heavier. I appreciated the fun that came with Richard's mutiny, and even Meredith spending the day trying to track down Alex. Even though I thought Amelia was being immature, I was entertained by her hiding at Stephanie's apartment.

The weird, gruesome hockey case was so very Grey's too. It all felt like throwback Grey's. Especially with the high schoolish shenanigans. Plus that Mer and and Alex scene at the end was too cute for words. Fingers crossed that Alex gets his Waffle Sundays now.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 11 Quotes

Ben: Wilson, I'm sorry.
Jo: What?
Ben: About Karev.
Jo: Why are you sorry? You didn't put him in prison. I did.

Maggie: So the trial has been cancelled.
Meredith: Which means Alex took a plea, which means Alex is in prison.