How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Did Connor Murder Wes?

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Could Connor have murdered Wes?

That was a key question after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 13 when we got the reveal that Connor was in the house. 

TV Fanatics, Mandy Treccia, Lee Jutton and Paul Dailly discuss that Connor reveal, Atwood's plan and the Dean betraying Annalise. 

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Could Connor be the killer?

Mandy: I don't think so. It looked like he was trying to save Wes. I think he discovered Wes, and for some reason, truly believes Annalise killed him.

Lee: I tend to agree with Mandy here. It's no surprise that Connor has been acting shifty; if he was the one who first discovered Wes' body at the house, he's probably afraid of being pinpointed as the killer.

But, I don't think it's him. It's more likely that this is what is fueling his belief that Annalise did it.

Paul: It would be surprising if the series revealed the killer before the season finale, so there's no way it's Connor. 

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Atwood had the body moved and cremated. React. 

Mandy: Not even a little surprised by this one. She's been shady from the start. But I don't know if I believe she's working for the Mahoneys. I'm still hoping there's a deeper reason for her obsession with Annalise.

Lee: Once again, I am surprised that someone whose main grudge against Annalise had seemed to stem from the fact that Annalise doesn't play by the rules would then break the rules in such a big way to pin her down.

There is clearly something motivating her in a big way that we don't know about. It could be the Mahoneys, but it could be something else entirely. Does she have a connection to one of Annalise's past cases? I feel like that could be a likely reason. 

Paul: That was an unsurprising twist. Atwood has proven many times that she's willing to do whatever it takes to come on top. 

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Did you anticipate Dean Hargrove's betrayal?

Mandy: Yes and no. It seemed weird to me the first time she started being nice to Annalise after the AA meeting. But then I sort of let my guard down with her. So I was surprised that she was working against her at this point.

Lee: I was disappointed that Annalise would be screwed over by someone who appeared to be a legitimate ally and friend, but not shocked. No one on this show is trustworthy. They can all be bought, for whatever reason.

Paul: Not really. She seemed like a nice enough person, but I can see why she did it.  

What did you think of the scene with Annalise revealing what the Mahoneys did to her?

Mandy: It felt rushed for such a major moment. This secret is what shaped Annalise into the woman she is. I'm glad the kids finally know. I just would have liked to have seen more reaction to it. 

Lee: Frankly, I had forgotten that the kids didn't know about it, so my reason was pretty much, "Oh. Right." It's hard to keep track of who knows who's secrets on this show, especially when so many characters have so many different secrets!

Paul: Like Lee, I had forgotten the kids did not know about it, but I was glad the kids knew how horrible the family could be. 

The Mahoneys had a DNA test done on Wes. React!

Mandy: This makes me wonder if one of them was the one Wes called. Maybe they tried to turn him against Annalise. Not that it would take much given how he felt after Rebecca died. I think he knew they ran a test on him.

Lee: Mandy has a good point. Perhaps if they did the DNA test and confirmed that he was their blood, they thought they could use the promise of a family to get Wes to turn on Annalist. 

Paul: I have no idea where they are going with this one. It was a random twist that came out of nowhere. Hopefully, there's more clarity in the finale. 

How will the season conclude?

Mandy: I have no idea. I'm still not sure who killed Wes. The law is starting to turn in Annalise's favor, so I think she'll beat the murder rap. But where does the show go from here? I hope they don't end with another dead body.

Lee: Even if Annalise beats the murder rap, I feel like there is no way she could go back to teaching at the law school with that dark cloud blotting out everything else on her resume. But, the kids are still in school (supposedly; they spend very little time there).

So, not sure how they will move forward from there. I'm sure they will make up something ridiculous, and I am sure it will involve another dead body. I would bet my money on Atwood losing it and offing someone in her quest to get Annalise -- the question is, who? 

Paul: We will find out who killed Wes, but there will be an even bigger mystery when another crazy moment goes down to make us question everything. 

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Over to you, How to Get Away with Murder fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

Note: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 14 airs February 23 on ABC. 

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