Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Chapter Fifty-Four

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Everything hurts. Everything is terrible.

There is nothing inside me that wants to write a witty or light-hearted review of a television series that is normally the highlight of my viewing week.

Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 10 took an unexpected and tragic turn as Michael, Jane's husband, collapsed after taking the LSAT and passed away due to complications from his gunshot injury. 

There were hints, both subtle and overt, that led most of us to speculate this day would come. I just hoped beyond all hope that we were wrong.

Recreating Their First Date - Jane the Virgin

This episode was phenomenal, but it also made me want to scream and cry. Michael's death will change everything going forward, and I am not ready.

Jane's relationship with Michael was one of two people so perfectly matched for one another. Despite their breakup when Jane was exploring her feelings for Rafael, I was steadfast in my belief that Michael was the man who truly understood her. 

Their relationship was one built on friendship, respect, romance, and humor. In many ways, their relationship was something we should all strive for.

Jane: I just want to stay up here with you. I don't want to go back down.
Michael: Me too.

Michael made a lot of mistakes during Jane the Virgin Season 1, but he was so funny and kind-hearted that you forgave him for them. His love for Jane was never in question, even when she wasn't sure what she wanted. 

The love triangle between Michael, Jane, and Rafael was a fun trope for the first two seasons, but the writers were brilliant at moving the characters and the audience past that storyline. The scene was brief, but I loved when Rafael commended Michael for taking the LSAT.

Two former rivals were able to move forward into a place where they respected one another. That's a lot more than other TV love triangles have been able to pull off. 

Jane and Michael - Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 10

I had some reservations when Jane and Michael got married. Would they still be interesting as a couple? 

I was stupid for even asking because what drew me to their relationship was never the back and forth. What drew me in was their connection, the ease of their courtship, and seeing that it is possible to marry your best friend.

They had their spats, but that's normal. I always enjoyed watching these two bicker because it always grounded their romance in a way that never took away from their adoration for one another.

To put it mildly, I'm devastated by Michael's death. I want to hate this episode with every fiber on my being.

But I can't.

The narrator told us time and time again that this death would happen. He never said it outright, but he wasn't always subtle in his warnings.

And friends, I did say Michael would love Jane until his dying breath.


We've been given warnings time and time again. A recent example was when Michael failed his physical. The signs were always there. I just chose to ignore them.

Jane and Michael's walk down memory lane was exceptionally cute, but I couldn't help but feel the whole sequence was a little melancholic. Perhaps my gut knew what was coming.

I love flashbacks to the early stages of their relationship, so the juxtaposition between the carnival scenes was enjoyable to watch. In a way, I think the entire sequence was a love letter to the fans that love watching them together. 

When Michael was shot on Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 22, I was certain he would survive. A dramatic death like that would be too obvious and too telenovela-like for his character. I was right.

There's something even more tragic when someone dies so simply. Michael hadn't been feeling well but chalked it up to being nervous for the test. 

Turns out his gunshot injury left behind some complications that he ultimately couldn't survive. While his death is sudden and shocking, I'm more sad than anything else. 

Michael Dies - Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 10

If we are indeed at the midpoint of the series as the Showrunner, Jennie Snyder Urman, has stated, than this is the right time for a reset. We met Jane at a time in her life when she thought she had everything figured out. Then she got artificially inseminated and everything got turned on its head.

We are at the same point. Everything is about to change once more.

To be clear, I am not happy about this reset at all.

Brett Dier has been such a joy to watch. He played Michael with so much warmth and silliness. He perfected the art of the romantic underdog.

Thank you, Brett. You brought to life the type of guy I have always and will always continue to swoon for.

Michael: I love you.
Jane: I love you too. You got this.
Michael: Okay.
Jane: Michael, I am so proud of you.
Narrator: And friends, it should be noted that Jane would play this moment over and over until it became a memory.

I hope Michael can stick around in some capacity, whether through flashbacks or daydreams. I just can't say goodbye to Michael yet.

His death does leave us with a lot of questions going forward, especially considering the episode ended with a three year time jump:

  • How will this time jump affect the narrative structure?
  • Will we see what happened during this time jump?
  • How has Michael's death impacted not just Jane, but everyone (RIP Michael's bromance with Rogelio!)
  • Has Michael's death changed Jane's goals?
  • Does this open the door to Jane and Rafael ending up together?

One thing I am nervous about his how Jane's grief will be depicted. With the three-year time jump, I don't want to watch Jane be over Michael's death. It's still fresh for the viewers, and I am not interested in watching Jane go on a date with some other guy anytime soon.

This is a grieving process for the audience as well, and that has to be respected. I'm not saying I want to watch Jane sit in bed the rest of the season.

But I want to grieve with her. I don't want to play catch up with her. That would ring false and not be respectful to the memory of Michael.

Jane the Virgin is a lovely time-out from the chaos of our reality. Sadly, this is the one time where I felt no comfort as the credits rolled.

Elsewhere in the episode

  • Rafael is presumably going to prison. How long will he be gone for? How does this affect his relationships with Petra, Jane, and his children. 
  • Rogelio and Darci had a brief, over-the-top spat, but got back on track. Will their relationship survive the world of reality television?
  • Now that Xo has begun to win over Bruce's daughter, does that mean their relationship is one we will still be watching as we jump three years ahead?
  • Luisa is still with Rose, except Rose has now taken on another identity/face. Has Luisa fully turned to the dark side? 

So over to you. What did you think of Michael's sudden death? Shocked? Angry? Sad? What are predictions for Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 11?

Sound off below, and don't forget you can watch Jane and Michael in happier times when you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic!

Chapter Fifty-Four Review

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